Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kodak Camera Tour of Disneyland - 1963

Last Saturday's post featured a 1956 Kodak Tour of Disneyland pamphlet (link). Today's Kodak Tour of Disneyland is from August 1963, "Kodak Pamphlet No. C-38"

The style of artwork sure did change from 1956. The size of the pamphlet changed too! It's about 8" by 10" and just a simple "tri-fold", no fancy foldout as in the 1956 version.

The artwork on the map is "different". Monstro looks hungry!

Neat Tomorrowland picture, far-out spaceman with fun balloons and .19¢ a yard fencing!

While I feel most of the artwork on this pamphlet is just "ok", I really like the little designs on the back page.

Tomorrow: Is Mega Holiday Weekend Bonus Sunday including, but not limited to; Complete Guides - Disneyland 1957, Disneyworld 1973; Big Stylized Knott's Map 1980, Green Disneyland?


Major Pepperidge said...

I love the way the artwork changes as the years go by. This style is SO evocative of the 60's (and was even used into the 70's, really...). Reminds me of stuff that I would see as a kid!

Unknown said...

I do love the Kodak Picture Spots!

Thanks for sharing this with us.

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I like the second art more than the first one. I think that it is better because it is simple and it looks like it was drawn by childrens