Monday, May 19, 2008

Knott's Extra Tickets - May 1977

Welcome to Knott's Monday. It's May of 1977, you've spent half your day at Knott's and you have used up all the tickets in your book, what to do? How about 5 more adventures for only $2.75? That's a $4.25 value if you care to do the math.

These ticket books are actually quite rare. Just as with Disneyland ticket books of this style, these were generally only sold inside the park with the express intent of using them right away. No admission ticket was included. This book was not even used and still has all five tickets in it.

Even though you are already in the park, the Knott family is welcoming you again.

These tickets are similar to the "Adventures Club" tickets, each ticket is good on any attraction. These are printed with green ink however, denoting them as "sold in-park" tickets.

"Would you like to receive our famous Christmas Gift Catalog?" Just fill out the back of the welcome message.

Here is the cover to a map of the "Southern California Freeway System and Points of Interest" 1980. I've had this map for while, it's just a basic freeway map, however I always liked the cover. I guess I never looked closely at it, that back of the freeway map is a large heavily stylized Map of Knott's!!! I'll scan it for this coming Bonus Sunday.

See you on tomorrows post.

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