Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Olympic Team Salute and the State Fair ’88

From August 29 thru September 2, 1988 there sure was a lot going on at Disneyland with its Olympic Team Salute and the State Fair ’88 promotions. For more Olympic fun, check out my older post on the 1984 Olympics and Disneyland (link).

Even the diagram of the parking lot can evoke fond memories. They’re pushing those Disney Dollars “you may want to take them home as a special souvenir of your visit” – I’d love to see the accounting on exactly how many “special souvenir” dollars never get cashed… Queen Mary and Spruce Goose sighting.

An Olympic Village was setup at Videopolis so you can tell the Olympic athletes to “go for it” (how 80's can you get?). Every guest gets a free Team Pin, whoopee!

Plenty of Live Entertainment was on tap for the events. Two different parades each day? “Pigmania” pig races at Big Thunder Ranch! Even Circle-Vision was showing two different movies each day. And who can forget a couple of Ferris Wheels in Disneyland, one at the Hub!

Nice promotion for The Main Street Electrical Parade, be sure and see it before it “glows away”.

I’ve got four of these exact brochures and none of them have any autographs, darn.

What’s happening over at the Disneyland Hotel? The Dancing Waters Show starts at 9 & 10pm, I wonder if they still have… oh wait, don’t get me started.

Since I can tell you need more information about State Fair ’88 here’s a fact sheet that should answer all your burning questions.

Human Cannonball? Baby Animal Beauty Contest? Maybe this was more like the Hooterville County Fair!

Midway Games at a Disney Theme park, how lame would that be, thank goodness they’ll never try that again, right?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pressing on....

A lack of posts must mean the dog ate my home work again... Getting back from vacation is a nightmare!

Should you find yourself in Disneyland on July 17, 1985, feel free to use this awesome press pass.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bonus Sunday

Welcome to Bonus Sunday. Let go back fifty years to the Summer of 1961 for a classic edition of Vacationland. Those swirly colored balloons are awesome; heck all of those balloons are awesome!

Download the entire issue here: Vacationland Summer 1961 - 108mb

A few highlights of your visit to Disneyland.

Monorail expansion is on the horizon.

House Keeping is a full time job… Ask any woman! Their words not mine.

News from Disneyland has a flash – Flying Sauces are heading toward Tomorrowland.

A few “competitor” advertisements. “Pay On Price” at POP, seems like a poke at Disneyland’s Ticket books.

She is reason enough to go Disneyland!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Disneyland 5-Day Flex Passports - August 2000

Eleven years ago this week these Disneyland 5-Day Flex Passports were pretty valuable pieces of paper. Five days at the park (before that “other” park was completed) has got to be plenty of time to see every attraction and show. These also included “Early Admission” for each of the five days even though “Early Admission does not operate daily”? Notice these tickets are missing the price; they must have been part of a very nice Disneyland travel package.

Come back this weekend for Bonus Sunday!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln Intro Brochure

I found this scan on an old backup, I have no idea where it came from... But its pretty neat huh?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Disneyland Stationery - Part 3

Picking up again with more Disneyland blank letterhead, here are five more fun samples. If you missed the first two parts of this series you can see them here: Part1 & Part 2

Up first its “News From Disneyland” This Magic Kingdom Club letterhead is not dated but based on the phone number, it’s pretty old! Neat main Street rendering.

Next from 1983 this Disneyland Inc. letterhead is fancy stuff, bonded paper with rich texture on the front and a smooth backing. Those are some pricey embossing’s at the top and bottom too. Beige and Tan were all the rage in the early 80’s!

It’s 1986 and it “Looks like we started something.

35 Years of Magic had that totally original confetti theme going on, and no Westcot2000 I don’t have the 35 Years of magic Necktie but I’m thinking you might…

40 Years of Adventure must be related to the new Indy attraction; otherwise that’s an odd graphic. Great watermark of the Castle.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Angels-Disneyland Double Header - April 15, 1967

More Angles stuff today – it’s an Angels-Disneyland Double Header, April 15, 1967. Talk about a long day, spend a few hours at Anaheim Stadium then head over to Disneyland for a five hour night time party. It’s the “Greatest Family Fun Package Ever!”

Those are some interesting “custom” calendars, June only has three weeks and August looks like its missing something?

From a previous post, here’s the actual ticket to the park - now I just need a ticket to the Baseball game!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Halo Magazine - 1986 & 1987

Welcome to Magazine Monday and welcome back to a new post. Two weeks is my longest break since I started this blog back in November 2007! I’ve got plenty to post still and should be able to go without a break for a while now! Today’s Magazine Monday is a two-for-one post, two issues of “Halo Magazine” one from 1986 the other is from 1987.

First up 1986: Wally Joyner was all the rage at the time and apparently started a “Wally World” nickname for the Anaheim Stadium (link).

If you’re a baseball fan (and hopefully an Angels fan) this might be an interesting article, but since it has no Disneyland photos or real mention of Disneyland it’s pretty darn boring to me..

Great Coke advertisement, I’m thirsty!

Back when Mazda made well-built fun little cars that sold well.

Yeah I know, cigs are bad. Soon we’ll have diseased lungs and cancer victim photos on half of the packages and advertisements (link) that might be over-kill (pardon the pun) so for now let’s enjoy a simpler time.

Its 1987 and Wally is back! He still looks 13!

At least this three page article has a couple of Disneyland Photos!

The Coke advertisement from 1986 works better for me, although I do desperately miss the old Lucky markets!

1987 and Mazda’s were still cool!

And cigarettes were still bad but the Marlboro man sure looked cool.

Come back tomorrow for a vintage Angels – Disneyland Double-header post!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

New post Tomorrow!

I'm finally back from my extended vacation - come back tomorrow for a new post (which has nothing to do with the photo below, I just like it!)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Disneylander - July 1960

While I’m on vacation for the next (two) week(s) here’s something to read since there won’t be a new post for about two weeks. This July 1960 issue of The Disneylander is like an early “compendium” of Disneyland’s first five years.

I couldn't get my "evaluation" copy of Acrobat to work so I'll post a PDF version of this issue sometime soon.