Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Week at Disneyland - 1977

It’s Easter Week at Disneyland1977! The park is up to its ears in New Mouseketeers! Lisa Whelchel (Blair on "Facts of Life") was also one of the New Mouseketeers, but I don’t see her on the cover of this flyer.

Not that I recommend going to Disneyland this week, but it would be interesting to compare this weeks entertainment lineup compared to 1977’s lineup.

Just when you thought you had experienced everything” The Space Mountain logo still looks contemporary today.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

Show Business Illustrated - October 31, 1961

Welcome to Magazine Monday. From October 31, 1961 its Show Business Illustrated. Judy Garland graces the cover.

Did you ever notice how much Judy loved those funky blazers with the weird length sleeves, here she is in a classic scene with Frank and Dean and a similar Blazer.

A super seven page article on Disneyland. No particular reason or theme for the article, just good old Disneyland promotional stuff.

Isn’t this a great photo! Anybody want that ’61 banner in the background? Does anyone actually have it?

Ice cream lady has too many hats and hand full of Vintage Disneyland Tickets!!!

Balloon hawkers flourish in Disneyland”…

Horseless horse opera”…

Mickey still looks like he is in need of some plastic surgery, he’s better than the 1955 version (the “rat” suit) but he still looks a little “off”.

Another fantastic photo, the kids are loving it!

JUDY – also got a seven page article, so for you Garland fans, here’s the whole thing.

Not too many advertisements in this magazine, this one is for the magazine itself.

Check out the small size of this tape recorder! No mention if it converts your recordings to MP3’s.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bonus Sunday - Delayed

Sorry folks, no Bonus Sunday today. The excuses range from "the dog ate my homework" to "I'm just lazy sometimes"...

Check back mid-week for the Fall 1966 issue of Vacationland.

Be sure to check in tomorrow for a return engagement of Magazine Monday, it's a fun one!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Disneyland Hotel Confirmation of Reservation - Fall 1966

In 2010 when you book a hotel room you receive an "Email Confirmation", but in 1966 you received this hand typed "Confirmation of Reservation" on fancy safety paper. Dated September 6, 1966, this Confirmation of Reservation from Admiral Travel Service of Philadelphia was for the Disneyland Hotel - October 18 through 21, 1966. Looks like Mr. & Mrs. Cambell picked the "European" plan and also took the "Richardo" plan with two twin beds!

Admiral Travel Service, Inc. had the coolest phone number EVER: PEnnypacker 5-9500

In your Disneyland Hotel room of October 1966 you would likely find this issue of Vacationland from the Fall of 1966. This is the last issue of this size until 1970. The next three years of issues would grow taller by just over an inch, causing havoc for us collectors!

This issue is also significant because it is the last issue with Walt Disney as the "Honorary Edit-in-Chief", Disneyland and Vacationland would never be the same again.

Since this is such a special issue I'll just leave you with the customary sugar sack on a fountain advertisement, come back on Bonus Sunday for the entire issue.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Knott's Berry Farm gets a Cable Car - February 25, 1956

We’ll be focusing a little more on Knott’s Berry Farm in the next few weeks in preparation for Chris Merritt’s new “Knott’s Preserved” event on April 18th (link).

This “Telephoto” from United Press Associates is dated February 26, 1956. It’s a little pixilated, which is something you don’t usually see on 1950’s photos. The “Telephoto” process was like a fax machine for pictures, I bet the original of this is much nicer. It looks like it was a pretty involved process to bring the cable cars to the farm.

The cable cars shall not die”. They will serve the tourists at Knott’s Berry Farm's new parking lot. The photo description pasted on the back is actually the bottom portion of the Telephoto.

I’ve posted these before but they go with the photo so here they are again. This ticket appears to be one of the first tickets for the Cable Cars.

This trio of Cable Car tickets is fun, too bad they smell like a wet ash tray! (Never believe sellers on EBay when they state something is from a “smoke free home”)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Disneyland - May 1965

Here are some mystery slides from May 1965. This first one is obviously Disneyland’s Center Street all decked out in fresh fake flowers. That sign in the background says “Crystal Arcade, Upjohn Pharmacy, Book-Comic Shop, Glass Blower and Emporium”.

This next shot is the next slide in sequence, but is it Disneyland? At first I thought “no way”, then I saw the Mickey Balloon and what looks like the tip of the Matterhorn and thought “well maybe”, but painted oil drums for trash cans, trash all over the ground and that weird flag (Something Society) tells me this is not Disneyland. Where is this? The Los Angles Zoo maybe?

Well now we are definitely not at Disneyland. I have no idea where this is. A 55 Speed Limit in 1965?

Everyone knows where this is! Jack Lemon and Virna Lisi are starring in “How to Murder your Wife” – classic name for a movie! Nice 64’ Ford Falcon Futura 4-door!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Knott's Berry Farm Burro - 1955

It’s time for a fun Knott’s Berry Farm souvenir. In case you live under a rock and where unaware, be sure and check out “Knott’s Preserved”, Chris Merritts’ new Knott’s book and related signing event at Knott’s on April 18th (link) – I’ll be there!

This fun little book “The Knott’s Berry Farm Burro – in Ghost Town” is from 1955 and features some great illustrations. I don’t think Knott’s did very many books like this; in fact, this is the only one I’ve seen other than the Bear-y Tales book (link). Disney and Disneyland had tons of kid’s books over the years, I’m wondering if Knott’s produced this book in 1955 by coincidence or were they just trying to get an edge on Disneyland.

I was going to post just a few pages and save the rest for Bonus Sunday but what the heck, here’s the whole book – enjoy.