Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Disneyland - Park Operating Calendar 1979

In case you are wondering (probably not) why the blog been a little slow lately its because I'm in the process of moving.  And of course my blogger den is a complete disaster - July should bring better posts... 

For today please study this Disneyland 1979 Park Operating Calendar, there will be a quiz later.

Hey, June 1979's days lineup just like June 2012! Except that today June 13, 2012 the park is open 8am to 11pm!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Disneyland's Kids of the Kingdom, for a Price - October 1969

Last week Major over at Gorilla's don't Blog had a post (link) of the photo below. Its the Kids of the Kingdom at Disneyland back in June of 1968.  Those outfits are beyond cool.

Check out this October 17,1969 letter from Disneyland's Special Projects Coordinator, it was sent to the Student Affairs Director at Long Beach City College.   If' I'm reading this correct, R.D. Miziker and Disneyland were pimping out the Kids of the Kingdom for a "price"!

Friday, June 1, 2012

1962 Disneyland Flyer - Cavalcade of Bands

In June of 1962 there were two wonderful ways to enjoy Disneyland. Let's take a look

The Guided Tour comes with a pretty lady so that's a fairly easy choice...

Those guests with disembodied heads should choose one of the two ticket book options.

Hey this flyer is looking familiar?  I think "Stuff from the Park" posted this a couple years ago!  Yup (link).

Cavalcade of bands advance tickets $4.95, day of the event (June 2) $5.50!

Since my post is sort of a repeat of "Stuff from the Parks" 2010 post, here's something more original from 1962.  OK, the front isn't original, but the sub sure looks cool!

This part is original, if not somewhat boring.  (From Major: Oh, and that postcard is a bit infamous because it has a misspelling on the back ("Disneyand's" on the third line).  Thanks Major!