Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve at Disneyland 1967 - LP by Pepsi

It’s New Year’s Eve at Disneyland, presented by your local Pepsi-Cola Bottler. This LP was produced by Pepsi for Radio Station use. It’s also (scream it with me) “undated” but I would place it at 1967 based on, among other things, a mention of "Sunday" as New Year's Eve.

Be sure to download both sides of the LP and play it as you celebrate tonight, its one-half hour of musical fun and excitement.

Here’s a 30 second promo that’s on the first side of the record before the actual show:

30 second promo

The LP is devoid of any actual information of what’s on the record itself. This was hand written on the inner sleeve.

Side one is a real Humdinger (Dedicated to Jason!). The version of "Sunny" is unique, I like it...

New Year’s at Disneyland Side 1 – 10mb

Side two is the better of the two sides, starts with Pirates (in their “Pirates Lair”!) moves on to some great Firehouse 5 plus 2 tunes, then some super Golden Horseshoe singing.

New Year’s at Disneyland Side 2 – 10mb

My copy of this LP is blank on the back cover, but there's a copy for sale on Ebay right now (link) that has this information on the back cover. I suppose if you work in radio this makes sense.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Eve Party at Disneyland - December 31, 1971

Help ring in 1972 with “New Year’s Eve at Disneyland”, Friday Night, December 31, 1971. That’s some interesting artwork on this ticket; those little dancing people art great! 8:30 PM to 2:30 AM – nice! Guest Bands, “Surprise Midnite Spectacular” what was that? At $9.00 this ticket was higher than any “ticket books” of the time, but these are for UNLIMITED USE of all attractions (except shooting galleries).

Since we’re in 1972, let’s visit the “Jones” family on a June 1972 visit to Disneyland. First up the obligatory castle shot, those ladies have at least 25 pounds of purse each and I think the eldest son is holding a ticket book!

This one is labeled “Disneyland” in case you weren’t sure where this was.

Here we find the motley crew in front of the fairly new Haunted Mansion. I am really digging these clothes.

How about some Vintage Tomorrowland? Why did the “Jones” family bring along Mrs. Martin their school teacher? Multiple "ticket book in hand" sightings – Purple dress lady is smoking and holding, talented babe. I miss the Bell Logo’s on the entrance facade.

A nice clear shot of the Adventure Thru Inner Space sign and how cool is that proud dad smoking his pipe with his shades on? Memo to the smallest son, Lost in Space wants its shirt back. Middle kid; gets some shades like your dad, you’re always squinting!

Purple dress lady must be mom? I remember those benches along the lagoon, what color and version monorail is that? Vintage fence alert!

And lastly a ho-hum photo of the Mine Train, the family looks happy, obviously not knowing the attraction would close in four short years.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year - December 31, 1977

It's Vintage New Years week here on the blog. Today we're celebrating New Years Eve December 31, 1977.

The gate flyer matches the ticket nicely.

MECO of "Star Wars Disco" oh man do I miss 1977!

As a (weak) tribute to Magazine Monday (returning next week) here's the Disneyland Line from December 29, 1977.

Does the Matterhorn have all that stuff now? I'll let you since I'm at the park TODAY!!

How Cute...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010 Annual Pass

Guess what I got for Christmas? An annual (premium!) pass for 2010 - insert "Disney Dreams" music here!

Mr. Annual Pass arrives in this nice folder.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas season, I sure did! I got to see my old friend Mr. Lincoln on his opening day and got this amazing pass, but most important, I got to spend time with friends and family.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to All! Family Circle Decemember 1957

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope everybody is having a wonderful holiday.

Today we have a special Christmas Edition of Magazine Monday (on Friday). From December 1957 it’s Family Circle Magazine. This issue features an amazing 12 page article “Especially for Children, a Christmas Story about St. Francis” as told by Mary Martin and Visualized by Walt Disney and staff.

The Little Lame Lamb, a story of Saint Frances of Assisi and the first Nativity Scene” is a wonderful Christmas season story, it’s worth taking the time to read it in its entirety. And as you’ll see, the artwork is top notch, wouldn’t it be amazing to own some of the originals?

Now presented in order, in high resolution and without further interruption, “The Little Lame Lamb”, enjoy.

Oh boy would I like to get this record! I bet the 12 page booklet has all the same artwork as this article just like Family Circle December 1958 and the “Christmas at Disneyland LP”. This must be a shorter story than Christmas at Disneyland as its all on one 45. If I had this record of course you’d be hearing here on the blog.

Before we get to some wonderful vintage holiday advertisements, Family Circle has a memo to its readers. Can you imagine it, they are raising the price of each issue to ten cents?

The ingredients of this fruit cake, minus the fruit, nuts and raisins, sound pretty good. No baking? Chill for two days? What kind of commie cake is this?

That Cookie House looks so yummy! Check out that cool Cookie Carnival Carrousel!

“Paging Mr. Kidney, Mr. Kevin Kidney Please…”

Working together to bring people together” and working to keep our monopoly on the telephone industry.

Fruit Nog, Yummy?

Soft and smooth as linen”. Gotta love that Polka dot box!

These last three advertisements aren’t holiday related but I couldn’t resist sharing. Three of these sauces look excellent, I’ll let you guess which one I’ll pass on.

Some things never change (thank goodness). You’ll find a box or two of Lipton's Chicken Noodle Soup in my cupboard, how about yours? That glass soup pan on the electric burner looks so cool!

Well… This is a family magazine and its 1957 so this must be acceptable to show on my blog. “She dreamed she was lost in a London Fog”, maybe she was dreaming because she was being held and molded by her “talented bra… in the prettiest possible lines”… Was Maidenform a Division of Cadillac in 1957?

Merry Christmas to all!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Disneyland Holiday Program - 1988

Can you believe the Holiday’s were once celebrated at Disneyland for only two weeks? Today the park starts out with Halloween in late September and Christmas starts November 13th, it seems to never end.

Splash Mountain coming in the Spring of 1989! Ok, make that the Summer of 1989 (link).

Christmas in the Magic Kingdom. Roger Rabbit looks like he’s all prepped for a Cartoon Spin! It’s Roger’s first Christmas in Disneyland.

The old Hotel’s were still looking good in 1988.

Disneyland NEVER CLOSES… When did they stop closing on Monday’s & Tuesday’s? Yes, I should know this…

Be sure to come visit the blog tomorrow for your special Christmas Present Post.