Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's the Space Age Lodge

Time for a look at the Space Age Lodge located near the South Entrance to Disneyland. Take me to your leader… Why to I have a sudden craving for Quisp?

Moon Level Luxury… Down to Earth Prices… The “Space Age Lodge” still exists today albeit with a different name and a few remodels under its belt. It’s now called the “Best Western Pavilions” and even though it’s a budget motel, it gets some pretty good reviews. In this current exterior photo (link) you can still see some of the old under the new. The lobby looks great now (link) but you can tell its still got its old door and windows.

The Moon House if definitely gone, but the pool is still there (link) and now sports a Jacuzzi! I wonder if anyone notices the pool is in the shape of the “Friendship Seven” space capsule? The Supersonic Rocketmobile has been replaced with a standard shuttle bus, how boring.

New styrene lighting, daring new interior colors! The “Motel of Tomorrow” looks like this today (link) notice the ½ height walls dividing the room from the bathroom area are still there, but the lovely "Space bubble dividers" are gone!

The Motel currently has a Denny’s Restaurant; I would guess it’s in this same spot as the “Coffee Shop” used to be. I’m going to check this place out on my next trip to the park, seems likes it's worth a closer look.

This October 1963 Ticket Book came with the Space Age Brochure, but I’m not sure the flyer is from 1963, does anyone know when it opened?

A nicely ½ faded E ticket!

I believe the Swiss Family Tree House would be the newest attraction on the list. Yes the Enchanted Tiki Room was opened a few months earlier, but for the first year or so, Walt personally owned the Tiki Room and it required its own special tickets (link).

Does ANYTHING at Disneyland Cost $3.95? Churro’s and Cokes excluded…


Daveland said...

What a cool motel! This place should be targeted for a restoration. Great find, Tim!

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, I love this space-themed motel! Love the little moon house by the pool and the rocket on the back of the VW van. And I did NOT notice that the pool was in the shape of a Mercury space capsule.

Speaking of Quisp, I've seen it for sale sometimes (at specialty shops), but it's quite expensive for a small box that would be about two bowls full for me. So I haven't reacquainted my taste buds with my favorite cereal from childhood yet!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

This place would be perfect for a retro restoration - I'm gonna get some closeup photos next trip and share this brochure with the current management.

Major, Quisp is a little less expensive if you buy the four pack online (link), but your'e right the box is small at 9oz. and I eat a whole box at once which is about two and 1/2 large bowls. BTW - It tastes EXACTLY like it used to and I buy it about twice a year!

Anonymous said...

I remember this place too. The renovation isnt bad, but i agree that a restoration would be in order. Love the '60's stuff, including the popsicle plastic panels.

as so many times before, thank very much!

Matt said...

Dude! This is beyond cool! It has everything I love about graphics of the time: the cool font, atomic symbols, aliens and flying saucers. All it is missing is little sputniks and boomerangs!

Katella Gate said...

What a neat posting! I worked with a guy named Stovall a few years ago, and the first question out of my mouth was "Did anybody in your family run a hotel next to Disneyland?"... Sadly, the answer was no and that was that.

We used to pass by down Katella Ave. on the way to the Park, and I've often wondered what it looked like inside. Your photos DID NOT disappoint. I smiled and winced at every picture in on the page, but the highlight was the resin room divider leading off to the bathroom. Much too much.

Katella Gate said...

... If I still lived in Palm Springs, that is exactly how I'd do my old guest room!

Barry said...

I used to work almost next door at the Travelodge. I was there for a few years and I went from there to working at Disneyland.
The Travelodge sadly had nothing remarkable but an occasional famous or odd guest. And of course us weirdos who worked there!

Anonymous said...

What memories. We stayed here back in 1969, on a trip to Disneyland. The pictures sure bring back a magical time, with the space race, and growing up. Thanks for posting this page. I agree with the other people here, places like this should be preserved. I just drove across Route 66, and stayed at the Tee Pee Motel. People that don't take in the visions of the not so distant past, need to. Thanks again.

Plague said...

I've been looking for this place for YEARS!

I stayed there as a kid and no one I told about it believed me!

This is fantastic