Friday, April 1, 2016

The "F" Ticket repost

In June of 1959 Disneyland added the “E” ticket to its lineup of letter attractions tickets. The “E Ticket” has since become part of the American Lexicon. What's not as well know is that in the spring of 1964 Walt was looking for ways to increase Disneyland’s ticket revenue, that World’s Fair thing was costing him a bundle.

As was customary, Walt left the details to his trusted employees and they came up the idea of “plusing” all the existing E-ticket attractions at once and moving them to a new “F” Ticket. Rumor has it Walt was not keen on the use of the letter “F” (as in failure or worse) and the idea was quickly scrapped. What you are looking at here is an extremely rare June 1964 limited test run of Disneyland’s only “F” ticket.

*** Yes it's been three years since I did a post, the dog seriously ate my homework! I'll try and post more soon. ****