Friday, July 30, 2010

Disneyland Hospitality Ticket Books.

Time for a look at some Disneyland Hospitality Ticket Books. No, not tickets to Hospitals, these were ticket books sold only at Hotels and Motels in the Anaheim area.

These were pretty good deal, but I bet you would run out of tickets on the first day!

Two pages of “services”. Don’t forget you can use your BankAmericard at Disneyland.

Simple Logo, simple Operating Hours.

Here’s the admission tickets from the front of a June 1978 Hospitality Book from a previous post (link). This is my favorite serial number in my collection…

These are a couple of stray “2nd Day” main gate admission tickets. They are “Void’ because they are detached, rats! This first one is on the smaller tickets, but not two on a page as in the June 1978 example above. I’d place this around 1976, that’s about the time the prices or values disappeared from some of the tickets.

This weather-beaten “2nd Day” is the larger pre 1974 size ticket and based on the Child admission price I’d place this in the early to mid 1960’s. The Globe Safety paper is still vivid even though this ticket looks like its been through the ringer.

Speaking of Hospitality Books, the same eBay seller from my previous 1955 ticket book post also has a 1971 Disneyland Hospitality Book for sale (link). Mint and unused it’s worth the buy it now price; it's a fairly rare large format ticket book, great to near-mint shape and has a low, low low serial number. Oh, I am in no way connected to or will profit from this eBay seller, I don’t even know who it is. Also, this one is out of my league for the moment, so now's the time to stock up on that Christmas Gift for your favorite blogger (wow that was shameless…)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vintage Disneyland Ticket to RIDE - 1955

Today’s post falls under the category “If only” as in: If only I were Thurston Howell, III, I would buy these Vintage 1955 Disneyland Tickets that are on sale right now on eBay (link). But since I’m more like Gilligan, we’ll have to settle for the auction photos. Interestingly, the least valuable “A” Ticket is missing, but you can see one here on my second post back from 2007 (link).

Super rare, these early lettered ticket books were only sold for a few months in late 1955. By 1956 the word “Ride” was forever replaced with “Coupon”. I’ll exchange this ticket for a ride on the Phantom Boats!

The “C” ticket is a true joy to gaze at and the only ticket with all five of Walt’s “Realms”. If you were holding this ticket on a beautiful fall day, a banner day, in 1955 (pretend your name is Marty, I am), what ride would use it on? I’m actually having a hard time deciding, but for some odd reason I want to ride on the top of the Stage Coach and wave to the Indian on a horse.

“All tickets void after December 31, 1956.” Tickets sold in early 1956 said “Good at any time during 1956” on the back. By mid-1956 printing of the expiration on lettered tickets ceased with very few exceptions like this (link) or this (link).

$1.50 seems like one heck of a deal even in 1955 dollars. I understand it may have seemed like a high price for a book of amusement park tickets, but once through the gates you had to know this place was special, or Magic.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Disney Theme Parks One Day Passport - 1982

How about a One Day Passport to any of the Disney theme park in 1982? This complimentary ticket has the “master” Walt Disney Productions Theme Parks logo, which, you gotta admit is very cool.

This ticket was good for one day admission to Disneyland, the Magic Kingdom or EPCOT Center. “The theme park originally was known as EPCOT Center to reflect the fact that the park was built to embody the ideals and values of EPCOT the city.” (wiki-link). This ticket must be from late 1982 as Epcot Center didn’t open until October 1, 1982.

Let’s take a look at a fun Vacationland from the Summer of 1982. Is your favorite Disney character on the cover?

Signs anyone? Bring back the American Egg House, seriously!

And who can forget Southern California’s Newest Family Attraction - "The Kingdom of Dancing Stallions"? Who can even remember it? It opened in 1982 and closed in 1984, however in 1986 the same building become today’s Medieval Times (link). If you’ve never been to Medieval Times, check it out, it’s a blast! (The Dancing Stallions thing looks sorta lame).

Who stole the Grad Nite font for this article's title? Come back on Bonus Sunday for the rest of this interesting article and the rest of the magazine.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bonus Sunday

Welcome to Bonus Sunday. For your reading enjoyment, today we've got the full issue of Disneyland Backstage - Summer 1977!

Backstage Disneyland Summer 1977 - 80mb

This is a super issue, summer 1977 had lots of exciting things happening at Disneyland. After reading through this, it occurs to me that no matter how hard Disneyland (and its Marketing arm) have tried, the "snap" or "slickness" of the the late 1970's has never returned.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Casting for a role in our Disneyland Show - 1970/72

Are you ready to be cast in a role in the Disneyland Show? From 1970, this fact filled brochure helps outline the casting procedure, read along and see if there’s a role for you.

How fun, it’s not a “Job” it’s a “Role”! Working with people personally can be “fun and fulfillingOR tiring, hot and frustrating” - that’s brutally honest. Work roles are for “extroverts” count me out! “We work while other play” you have to work on Holiday’s and weekend’s? Join a union! Since it’s a role, how about SAG?

Appearance; since I look just like the guy in this illustration, I’ve got “The Disneyland Look”. Availability; “With rare exception, we normally hire only those living within the immediate area surrounding Disneyland” Does the West San Fernando Valley count as “immediate”? Count me out again!

No car pooling, its been proven “unreliable”. Physical Requirements; Wow, no ladies under 5’2” or over 5’10”, but men can be any height? There are some interesting drawing on this page?

Notification; they reply to every application they receive. Can you image, the letter from Disneyland arrives, the excitement, then the disappointment, ouch.

Be enthusiastic” but don’t over do it! The code on the bottom left appears to reveal this brochure is revision number two (R-2) and is from March 1972 (723) not 1970 as is printed on the front page.

Who doesn't love this version of the castle? Isn’t it funny how one little logo can symbolizes years worth of fun childhood memories?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Disneyland - Entertainment Backstage Passes

Here's a couple of sets of Disneyland Entertainment Backstage Passes. Fun as they are, I have no idea what these are for or how they were used or how old they are.

I wonder if the triangles meant something different than the rectangles?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Coil Box Courier - August 1958

Welcome to Magazine Monday (on Tuesday). Technically this isn't a magazine, it's a newsletter, but close enough. From August 1958 it's the Coil Box Courier, a newsletter for antique automobile buffs (The Horseless Carriage Club of Southern California).

Break out the sewing machine and you to have your very own wardrobe for Disneyland!

Go back to 1958 and buy some of these "oldies", store them for 50 years and your rich!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Voided 3

Please accept this voided 3 Day pass while Magazine Monday returns tomorrow.

Saturday, July 17, 2010