Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Disneyland Today - July 14-20, 1990

It's Disneyland Today – 2o years ago today! July 14 -20, 1990. What better way to start the 90's than to have huge balloon characters roaming down Main Street.

Don't miss the Dick Tracy Musical Review at Videopolis, I sure did. I never understood the pastel-colored Dick Tracy of 1990, too weird. Lot's of ticket choices, the annual pass is a bargain at $165 (with parking).

There is so much (too much?) going on the main page here you almost forget there are rides too! Don't forget, the Pigskin Classic begins August 26th.

Only Disneyland can throw a party this big a GEO, huh, where the Cadillac's they gave away in 1985!

The old parking lot maps make me smile.


Daveland said...

Do you have any pics of the Dick Tracy show? Was it based on the movie with Warren Beatty?

Disney On Parole said...

Dave, Yes it was based on the "Movie",
created by the same team that later did
"Beauty and the Beast" stage show at Videopolis and then re staged it for Broadway.
I have a article about the show somewhere..., I'll post some of the pictures today...
and i agree with you VDL way too much going on in that schedule!!!

Major Pepperidge said...

That schedule is crazy!

"Dick Tracy", I don't think anybody was excited about that movie. I saw some huge matte paintings that were created for it when I was at the studio, they were pretty cool I have to admit.