Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dixieland At Disneyland Ticket Brochure - 1961

Taking a look at an old gate flyer, this “Two Wonderful Ways to Enjoy Disneyland" flyer is from the Summer of 1961.

This flyer was promoting the second annual Dixieland at Disneyland! Matterhorn over at Stuff from the Park has a ton of these type of flyers, he’s got the one printed just before this one (link) which is odd since it’s promoting the same thing just with different artwork. If Matterhorn already posted this one I couldn’t find it so this is either new to blogosphere or I just didn’t see over there… Also see Matterhorn’s Dixieland 1961 program here (link).

There were ticket purchasing decisions to make in 1961 just like in 2011. The only difference now is that you have to decide to cash in your 401k or your kids college fund to buy a round of tickets for the entire family.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

25 years ago Today – at Disneyland

Entertainment Today – 25 years ago Today – at Disneyland. From April 26 & 27, 1986 this gate flyer features none other than Mickey Mouse himself!

Who can forget “Hands Across America”? Mickey Mouse and Goofy participated!

In case you did forget “Hands Across America” here’s the promo to jog your memory – It’s worth watching just to see Crockett and Tubbs again.

Boy there sure is a lot going on at Disneyland in April 1986. “Totally Minnie”! The Polynesian Revue at the Tehitian Terrace – Nice! Matterhorn Climbers, Videopolis, Slue Foot Sure, Airplay heck even Bear County looks like it's got something cool going on. What happened to this Disneyland?

Fiesta Latina – The only name I recognize is KRASH.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Special Party at Disneyland - April 26, 1980

Bourns Inc. (maker of fine electrical components) had a "Special Party" at Disneyland on April 26, 1980. What made it "Special" was the unlimited ticket and sharing the park from 8:30pm to 1:30am with other fine corporations and their "Special Parties". I prefer "Private Parties" at Disneyland.

Free parking and Lawyer stuff.

How about a delayed Magazine Monday? How about we break the "if its got a 19 in the front part of the year its vintage" rule? From November 2003 its Los Angeles Magazine, the magazine for people who can afford Rolexs and Diamonds and fancy sports clubs! Ms. Stone strikes an interesting pose on the cover.

An interesting article told as told by John Hench. Mostly recycled stories but at age 95 at the time, what else have you got left to say?

If you've never been to the Getty Museum its well worth the trip.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bonus Sunday

Welcome to Bonus Sunday. For this Happy Easter we’ve got two posts in one. Up first it’s an Easter Parade of Entertainment at Walt Disney Word.

Interesting “Purple” theme.

Overnight stays available for your pet, I’m pretty sure Disneyland never offered that.

From April 13th's post (link) here’s the Spring 1982 issue of Vacationland.

***** Download here: Vacationland Spring 1982 - 120mb *****Corrected 5/1/2011***

EPCOT looks cooler here than it actually turned out.

TRON! Maybe it will be so successful they’ll immediately follow it up with a sequel?

New shopping at the Disneyland Hotel in 1982, all gone in 2011.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Guide to the Disneyland Anaheim Area - 1960

Today’s post is a fun Vacationland Guide to the Disneyland Anaheim Area. This guide came with a Disneyland park guide from 1960 that is exactly like this one (link) and the art work in similar as well. For the numerous blog readers (2) who asked “what happened to Bonus Sunday” the answer is a case of “the dog ate my homework” or in this case my dogs ate my Internet connection (link) – Bonus Sunday will return this Sunday.

It’s pretty neat that Disneyland made this guide for guests of other hotels, its good marketing and public relations for certain. Artwork pulled directly from the 1960 Park Guide.

Fantasy in the Sky, Date Nite, three ticket plans and 43 attractions, wow!

Let’s all go shopping at Magnin’s at the Fashion Square in Santa Ana.

Automobile service, you’re so SOL with your Lexus! However there are three choices of Railroads in Anaheim.

Disneyland is the center of everything – as it should be.

Your motel can arrange an experienced reputable sitter – try that in 2011.

Anaheim was (is?) not lacking for churches.

Nice plug for Knott’s Berry Farm.

I’m really starting to like those green lines at the bottom of the pages.

Just because this post needs some color (and I really like this) here’s a page from the 1960 Walt Disney’s Guide to Disneyland

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thumper's Easter Egg Hunt at Disneyland - 1985

Here's a little fact card with more than you'd ever want to know about Thumper's Easter Egg Hunt at Disneyland!

----------Repost of Last Years "Seasonal Egg Holiday" Post--------------

********* Florida's Version from 1984 ***********

From 1984, how about a Easter Party party at Disneyland where Everybody Wins! This sounds a little complicated; scratch here, find your meadow number, present this card, choose an egg, look inside for a game piece (why isn't this the game piece?) Oh, I guess it's an Easter Egg Hunt! Thumper sure looks cool!

Lots of fine print. Interesting odds... I would be hoping for the Large Sunkist Orange Juice!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Disneyland Annual Passport Gift Certificate - 1994

How cool would it be to have received one of these back in 1994? I can tell you from personal experience a Disneyland Annual Passport is one of the best gifts I've ever received.

What type of passport was this? "All but 27 Days"? Neat low serial number.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The ones that got away - eBay Dreams...

Today’s post features Vintage Disneyland Tickets that I’ll never actually hold. These are from eBay auctions about a year ago. These auctions got so expensive I stopped looking and never did find out the final astronomic bids. If you missed a few of my other “eBay-got-away” posts you can check them out here; "Holy Grail of Disneyland Ticket Books" (link), 1955 Disneyland General Admission Ticket (link) and Ticket to RIDE – 1955 (link).

This group of tickets books was all in one auction, the first day it was already over $1,000 and with good reason. Nine books with the “Ride” tickets, the one with ABC tickets alone is probably worth $1,000 (see Holy Grail link above).

The book on the upper left is pretty rare, even more than the other nine. I’m fairly certain it predates the lettered tickets which were introduced in Mid-October 1955.

Someone must have liked the “B” attractions, usually these just have an “A” ticket remaining or maybe an A and B. Nice bonus with the Dumbo stub-style tickets!

These Stub-style tickets were from a different auction and also went out for a stupid amount of money. Why would anyone even have these? Unlike lettered tickets, these were purchased at the ticket booth then used (usually) about 30 seconds later to get through the main gate where they tore them in half.