Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vintage Disneyland Ticket to RIDE - 1955

Today’s post falls under the category “If only” as in: If only I were Thurston Howell, III, I would buy these Vintage 1955 Disneyland Tickets that are on sale right now on eBay (link). But since I’m more like Gilligan, we’ll have to settle for the auction photos. Interestingly, the least valuable “A” Ticket is missing, but you can see one here on my second post back from 2007 (link).

Super rare, these early lettered ticket books were only sold for a few months in late 1955. By 1956 the word “Ride” was forever replaced with “Coupon”. I’ll exchange this ticket for a ride on the Phantom Boats!

The “C” ticket is a true joy to gaze at and the only ticket with all five of Walt’s “Realms”. If you were holding this ticket on a beautiful fall day, a banner day, in 1955 (pretend your name is Marty, I am), what ride would use it on? I’m actually having a hard time deciding, but for some odd reason I want to ride on the top of the Stage Coach and wave to the Indian on a horse.

“All tickets void after December 31, 1956.” Tickets sold in early 1956 said “Good at any time during 1956” on the back. By mid-1956 printing of the expiration on lettered tickets ceased with very few exceptions like this (link) or this (link).

$1.50 seems like one heck of a deal even in 1955 dollars. I understand it may have seemed like a high price for a book of amusement park tickets, but once through the gates you had to know this place was special, or Magic.


Davelandweb said...

I know I'm a dork but I love the old-fashioned look of these tickets before computers changed typesetting forever. Great job, Thurston!

Major Pepperidge said...

These early ticket books are the best! I had a chance to buy one... it was expensive, but I wimped out. Now it would cost me three times as much to get one, assuming one ever comes along again.

The Julanders said...

WOW so neat...I'm amazed at what once cost $1.50 can now cost $450.00.
If only is right!!!!
If only I knew where my dad's leftover tickets are hiding form the 70s.
I'm a Gilligan too. :)

Disney Nametags and More said...

I've learned that when you have the chance to buy a "once in a lifetime" item that you collect, grab it. Recently I was offered an original Disneyland brass name badge that has the person's name on it, instead of the usual employee number. Sure, buying it ate up my tax refund, but I'll never find another one.

thepicklebarrel said...

I'd grab it. For some reason, these 1955 tickets hold an uncanny power to transport you to early Disneyland....why? I don't know. They just do. Never plentiful, they seem harder and harder to track down. That's my two cents towards your score!

Disney Nametags and More-

What in the world does that look like? An early brass tag with a name? Is the name etched on an applied plaque as the numbers were? I've seen a lot of weird, uncommon stuff over the years but never one of those!

Anonymous said...

In the late 50's my cousins worked at Disney. We were visiting from Minnesota and spent all day there.I was 11 brother Bruce 13 At night we got to stay after hours on Tom Sawyers Island and explore and not get in to trouble. Was a Magical time for sure.

Anonymous said...

To an 11yr old at that time, the watermarks on the tickets made them feel like real money, but made for kids. Uncle Walt thought of everything!

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