Friday, July 23, 2010

Casting for a role in our Disneyland Show - 1970/72

Are you ready to be cast in a role in the Disneyland Show? From 1970, this fact filled brochure helps outline the casting procedure, read along and see if there’s a role for you.

How fun, it’s not a “Job” it’s a “Role”! Working with people personally can be “fun and fulfillingOR tiring, hot and frustrating” - that’s brutally honest. Work roles are for “extroverts” count me out! “We work while other play” you have to work on Holiday’s and weekend’s? Join a union! Since it’s a role, how about SAG?

Appearance; since I look just like the guy in this illustration, I’ve got “The Disneyland Look”. Availability; “With rare exception, we normally hire only those living within the immediate area surrounding Disneyland” Does the West San Fernando Valley count as “immediate”? Count me out again!

No car pooling, its been proven “unreliable”. Physical Requirements; Wow, no ladies under 5’2” or over 5’10”, but men can be any height? There are some interesting drawing on this page?

Notification; they reply to every application they receive. Can you image, the letter from Disneyland arrives, the excitement, then the disappointment, ouch.

Be enthusiastic” but don’t over do it! The code on the bottom left appears to reveal this brochure is revision number two (R-2) and is from March 1972 (723) not 1970 as is printed on the front page.

Who doesn't love this version of the castle? Isn’t it funny how one little logo can symbolizes years worth of fun childhood memories?


Unknown said...

You find the COOLEST STUFF!

Anonymous said...

Love this - thank you.

Katella Gate said...

The physique requirements (height and build) for men are hidden in the clothing sizes. The inseam/waist measurement will weed out male applicants that are too tall/too short/too fat.

Since female cast members sometimes wear skirts, their height parameters have to be mentioned specifically.

Regarding the old castle logo... you are right on the money with that one. This logo was never front and center on anything, but it was inconspicuously placed on everything and was distinctive enough to say "This is Disney".

I never accepted the "new" logo or typeface that replaced it. It only served to remind me why submarines was closed for decades, why attractions open late/closed early, and why everything was run down.

outsidetheberm said...

You're right on with that date. I remember my older brother coming home with a stack of these when he was hired at Club 33 in '72. Wonder what he did with those...

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