Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Disneyland Special Season Ticket Book - 1961

Since yesterday’s Magazine Monday post was from 1961, let stay in that magical year and take a look at a rare Disneyland ticket book.

From January 1961, this is a “Special Season Ticket Book”. I’ve just got one of these and its only got one ticket left, but it's in nice shape for being almost 50 years old. Several unusual features on these books and tickets: They expire May 21, 1961. Generally after 1956 Disneyland tickets from the books had no expiration date, part of the “sales pitch” for the ticket books was that you could bring back unused tickets on your next visit(s). Also, these type of “Any Attraction” tickets (with those awesome attraction drawings) were usually reserved for “in-park” ticket books that did not include an admission ticket. This book however did include the admission ticket.

Even the back of the ticket has the void reference. This is a beautiful sheet of vintage globe paper, it even smells good.

Walt’s welcome message just under the missing admission ticket, I wish I had that!!!

The back of the book shows why these tickets expired so soon. For the same price as a “regular” 10 ticket A thru E Adult book, you got this book with admission and 10 “E” Tickets! I suppose they are “potential "E" tickets since you can use them on any ride. If you used one of these on the Carousel you’re nuts!

1961 had plenty of attractions to enjoy in each land, except Adventureland, the Swiss family was still at sea and those birds haven't learned to sing yet.


Major Pepperidge said...

Even though the buyer got a deal with this ticket book, I think it's weird that the tickets would expire. 1961, that's pretty darn early for a ticket book, cool find!

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