Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Disneyland Trip - January 1960

For today’s post I’m pretending I’m a real vintage slide blogger by presenting some vintage Disneyland slides. These slides (Processed January 1960) are on “Arizona” film", film that turned somewhat dark and murky over 59 years. My scanner saw them as dark smudges so I enlisted Daveland for some help. Thank you Dave! Now we can see these and the look great!

Is that Vesey Walker leading the band?

Where’s all the cables sprouting out of the top of the Matterhorn?

Things are “In Motion” over at Tomorrowland.

Who else misses the Speed Ramps?

Fantasyland with lots of trees!

You can see the "behind the scenes" area in the Pre-waterfall photo.

The Columbia has set sail on the river. Is that spot on the right side of the river bank the area that would become Cascade Peak? Who else misses Cascade Peak????

Not the most flattering shot taken on deck, but the red feathered hat is nice and centered.

Thanks again Dave!