Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vintage Disneyland Parking Tickets

Let’s take a look at some vintage Disneyland parking tickets. Early aerial photographs of Disneyland show the parking lot seems to have started smaller than what it would soon become. Some of that parking lot expansion can be seen when tracking the early parking lot tickets.

All of these tickets are, of course (say it with me) undated! Rather than make up some dates, let’s just say they’re old. This first one appears to be the oldest in my collection. It has the fewest number of “Sections” and “Aisles" and the lowest serial number.

The “early” edition on the left also came in a reddish color; to the right is a slightly newer ticket, larger and sporting ten more Aisles per Section.

The “buff” colored ticket on the left has two new sections added, "R" and "X", hey, where did section "E" go? The greenish ticket on the right has a few changes. The term “Auto Park” has been replaced with “Parking”. The Aisles listing was moved down below the sections. Now section “A” is gone, both will return in a few years.

A trio of parking tickets that have changed with the times and are now 50¢ thank you very much. I dedicate the cool Orange ticket to Major! The “A” and "E" sections are still gone, but two new sections have been added, “U” and “V”.

The last ticket for today’s post is bursting with two more sections, “W” and “Z”.

Next week I'll post more vintage parking tickets. I'm at the park today, I'll be sure to Lock my car and mark my parking location on my ticket...


Major Pepperidge said...

Well, orange IS my favorite color! This is great, I never knew so much could be gleaned from the humble parking tickets.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the trip report. Glad you can go, even if i can't.

Anonymous said...

I have a ticket exactly like the earliest in your collection in an orange color.

Carolanne said...

I have a 25 cent orange ticket I think it's from 1966, whats it worth?

Anonymous said...

These are parking PASSES or daily PERMITS. A "Parking Ticket" in the US is not paying for the service to park, it is an infraction for having parked incorrectly.