Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Marineland Complimentary & Director's Day Pass

Taking a little break from Disneyland lets look at some Marineland tickets. Up first is a Complimentary Admission pass from 1976. Issued by “Valid” Cool! Hmm, the whale says “Twentieth Century Fox” above Marineland, I didn’t know they owned it at one time?

Easy Directions… This “easy” map doesn’t really reflect how long of a drive it is from either freeway off ramp, its no 3 minute ride, you better bring provisions...

From the fall of 1978 it’s a “Director’s Day Pass” I guess directors “day” ran for three months! Families over 6 are specifically discriminated against so leave those “extra” kids at home! Hanna-Barbera has now taken over Marineland, even Yogi and Scooby won’t help its eventual decline and closure.

Check out my previous post from the earlier days of Marineland 1962 (link).


Major Pepperidge said...

That is interesting about 20th Century Fox owning Marineland! Never heard that one.

Are the Hanna Barbera characters now "living" at a different SoCal theme park? I always thought it was weird that Snoopy was at Knott's, and the Warner Bros. characters were at Magic Mountain.

Matt said...

Wow, that map really is misleading...getting to the back side of PV is no easy matter!

Unknown said...

I still remember when Marineland close back in the eatly 80s
I was there on one of its last days.