Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Walt Disney Audio - 1965

From a reference in Al Lutz's latest column over at Miceage (link), here is an amazing audio clip of Walt Disney from 1965. Its just 10 minutes long, listen to it when you have a quiet moment. I've heard and seen lots of Walt stuff, but this has a special warm feeling to it, made my day.

Walt Disney 1965 Speech to "Club 55" at the Disneyland Hotel - YouTube (link)


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Major Pepperidge said...

I'll have to look on YouTube to see if somebody has posted Walt's informal speech to the folks of Marceline, Missouri; the sound quality isn't great, but he shares a few funny anecdotes from his childhood, and the crowd seems very proud of their home town boy.

Mike said...

Truly a wonderful moment. It is always a pleasure to hear Walt talk about the Park, especially when he is as relaxed and positive as in this recording. You'd never know from listening that he would pass away the very next year. Imagine what more we could have enjoyed had Walt been able to keep going!

I thank God for gracing us with him at all. A rare man who truly brought happiness and joy to the world. Here's to Walt!

---Mike (Jungle is "101")