Friday, July 3, 2009

Disneyland - Vistor's Pass

Today’s post is an odd and undated item, it’s a “Disneyland Visitor’s Pass”. This must have been for outside companies to get access to the back-stage/on-stage areas. Interesting that “WDI” is treated as just another vendor, you’d think the WDI folks would get some kind of permanent pass. Drip pans required (they must have seen me coming in my ’78 Buick!). Looks like this pass was supposed to be returned? “Destination: Des. Trlr.” Anyone want to guess what that is?

The map on the back of the visitor’s pass is in very small print. Here’s a link to the full 1200 DPI scan (Link – 61mb). Hey wait, America Sings and Splash Mountain on the same map??? What year is this from???

This close-up of Tomorrowland shows Caption EO and a few other sorely missed attractions.

And just because this post needs some color, here’s a great photo from a page in the 30th anniversary calendar, February 1985 to be precise.


Katella Gate said...

Map geeks everywhere thank you for this service to humanity.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nice group of stuff today... I assume that the map is a greatly-reduced blueprint? Great photo of the Skyway/Matterhorn too.

Remember that the "America Sings" building was vacant for many years - but obviously was still there! Maybe it was temporarily used for storage or offices or something?

TokyoMagic! said...

There were offices inside the theaters of America Sings for years. I remember seeing employees going in and out of the doors from time to time and trying to peek inside. I finally did get to see what it looked like inside there. Very sad....they didn't even remove all of the set pieces on the stages. It looked very canibalized.

That photo taken from inside the Matterhorn is incredible!

Katella Gate said...
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Katella Gate said...

My question is what do the dots represent? They are on stage, off stage, in undeveloped areas ... there's just no pattern.

They don't match bathrooms or drinking fountains... The only thing I can think of is fire hydrants, and they seem too widely spaced for that.

Jason Schultz said...

Another oddity is that the map has both Star Tours and The Character Shop listed. Star Tours' opening transformed The Character Shop into The Star Trader.

Dug Miller (they spelled his name wrong) was going to visit what would become known as the Disneyland Design Studio, a name it acquired in 1997. From the thesaurus I have been able to confirm that the 7511 extension was associated with people who worked there.

outsidetheberm said...

Nice work, progressland. The destination makes sense now - design trailer.

Interesting post, Tim. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The dotted lines, although not to scale, represent the tunnel that leads from backstage behind Asmeica Sings under The Tomorrowland Terrace and out behind what was Circle Vision.

Katella Gate said...

Thanks for that note about the tunnel under tomorrow land, Cyberdillo. What was it used for, kitchen refuse and access for the pop-up stage?