Monday, February 28, 2011

Magazine Monday - International Edition

Welcome to the International Edition of Magazine Monday where we’ve got two magazine’s from other countries.

Up first is an article from an undated and unknown magazine. My best guess is that it’s from Japan and its from the 1960’s. “Sophia Loren at Disneyland” I’ve seen some of these photos before (like here and here) but none of them are dated?? Here’s a great photo of Sophia and Walt in October 1966 (link).

We’ve only got the backs of the two pages to look at but I see some familiar faces. What’s Bill Murray doing with Liz Taylor?

Up next, Time Magazine – Latin American Edition – July 7,1961.

Yup that’s it, just this one page about travelers in Disneyland. Not much text to tell us what’s going on here. Make sure and come back next Magazine Monday for a proper look at Disneyland in 1961.

Some nice advertisements. Your cell phone can out compute this machine many times over but doesn’t look nearly as cool.

Awesome Lockheed ad, I like the “Free World” emphasis.

Daimler-Benz was old even in 1961.

Ford should have sold this little dude in the USA; I guess we got the Falcon instead.

Martini’s anyone? I’ll take mine shaken not stirred.

I don’t get this and even if I did it seems in poor taste?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Disneyland News - Boys Club Edition March 1965

Taking another look at the Boys Club edition of the Disneyland News this time from March 1965. Check out my previous post of the Boys Club edition of the Disneyland News from February 1970 here (link).

Where is that plane these days?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Circus Fantasy is back at Disneyland - February 27, 1988

Circus Fantasy is back at Disneyland! 1986 (link) and 1987 (link) wasn’t enough Circus fun; the park did it again in 1988.

$21.50 seems like a lot of money in 1988 dollars, of course $76 is a lot of money in 2011 dollars!

Here’s one of those $21.50 tickets, Goofy gets to hold up the “one”.

I must have totally avoided this promotion and I can see why; Clown Pictures, Clown Alley, the infamous Globe of Death at the center hub, Circusopolis? This sounds like a train wreck.

There’s Bear County just before the critters invaded.

In the 1980’s we would “Blast to the Past” 30 years to the 1950’s. So are we ready to “Blast to the Past” to the 1980’s? I didn’t think so.

What’s an Oldsmobile? Star Tours is only one year old – I’m going to try and get in on the premier of Star Tours 2.0 in May, I’m wondering if it will draw more of a crowd than EO’s return, I’m guessing it will.

Just in case you haven’t had enough Circus Fantasy ’88 here’s a fact card with more details.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Disneyland Snapshots - February 1969 - Part 4

Time for the last few snap shots from this February 1969 group of photos.

Great Matterhorn shot, those crowds are disconcerting.

Flowers anyone?

Yes its blurry as heck, but I miss the Treehouse so bad I had to post this.

Yes another look at Granny in the Global Van - this photo is slightly different than the photo from part 1 (link).

This one is dated January 1969 and I'm not sure if its even from the same day or group of people.

Even though this last photo came with the rest in this set, its obviously a different family and might be a year or two older based on the boys cool matching outfits.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Disneyland Snapshots - February 1969 - Part 3

Let’s get back to this nice set of snap shots from February 1969. If you missed the first two part of this series you can check them out here – Part 1(link) /Part 2 (link).

These two shots of the Matterhorn show how empty the park can be in February.

Acres of Slurry - ahhhhh.

The Chicken of the Sea almost looks like she’s moving!

It wouldn’t take much turn grandma into a Pirate, but she’ll have to lose that luggage sized purse first.

That looks like a couple of real smiles that only Disneyland can make happen.

Two Alice shots that are impossible to get today, what in the heck have they done to this once simple and elegant attraction?

And the band played on…. Who are these guys? (wow that's a BIG tie!) Winnie the Pooh is where he belongs, in Fantasyland!

Come back tomorrow for the last part of this series.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ladies' Home Journal - June 1963

Welcome to Magazine Monday. I hope you’re either a woman of can get in touch with your inner woman because this post is all about the ladies – the Ladies Home Journal, June 1963. Yup it’s a 30 page post, my scanner is smoking. This is certainly Camelot at its pinnacle; you can feel the hope and optimism in these pages.

At first glance this six page Disneyland article almost seems like it was photographed somewhere else. The photographer did a nice good of avoiding the usual places, there's actually some nice details here and some pretty ladies!

Great angle – I really like this photograph.

Is that Tom Sawyers Island the bottom right picture? The lady on the Bertha Mae looks amazing!

Some rarely seen details of the old Fowlers Harbor. That dress looks like a table cloth.

Don’t fear - that Maillot is not real animal skin, its 100 % nylon Helanca.

Add your own comments here.

Miss Taylor is the Return of the Femme Fatale.

A short article for the barbecue chief, aren’t these all still great ideas?

How cool is that den/living room? Guns on the wall, a built-in record player, carpet & hardwood floors, one of the coolest hanging lamps ever (you pull the little handle at the bottom and it lowers or rises while the cord adjusts automatically!) and an awesome Hide-a-bed in the exact color I would order.

There were so many incredible advertisements in this magazine that I pretty much scanned all the full (or two) page ads. I noticed they seem to break down into a few categories so I grouped them all together below.

First up – FOOD! I am so hungry after scanning these.

Coffee isn’t really food, but what a cool ad.

Next – Battle of Refrigerators! My grandparents had this exact model from GE. I remember them always having it. When they moved into a retirement village in the 1980’s they had it professionally repainted to match the new kitchen!

Next – Ladies Things… Great illustration of Natalie Wood.

Battle of the Bra’s!