Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Bats Day" at Disneyland

Happy Halloween everyone! What better way to commemorate Halloween than a special magazine visit to “Bats Day” at Disneyland. I few years back I accidentally (really, it was an accident) went to the park on “Bats Day”, after the initial shock it ended up being really fun. “Raver Day” (again by accident) on the other hand, was not so fun and actually was more frightening than “Bats Day”.

Here’s Gothic Beauty Magazine, issue 28 from 2009. Something about Goths in a glossy magazine doesn’t seem right. For the record, these are “excerpts for review purposes”.

The “Bats Day” article chronicles the gothic gathering from the perspective of Kynt and Vyxsin. As you can see, Kynt & Vyxsin autographed the article just for me! In fact, Vyxsin also sent me this 8 by 10 glossy (Adults onlylink)…

Vyxsin has the best line in the article “Looking around and seeing so many creative, beautiful and unique people gathered together, set against such an epic and familiar backdrop was incredible!”. Wow, She’s Hot and Smart!

Candy Violet” & “Princess Lolita” - Oh my.

Contrary to popular belief, Goths can go out in the day light, they just need an umbrella.

How about a couple of full page advertisements? These dolls look like friends of Chucky! I'll take one of each.

Demonia looks like they make the same clothes I wear all the time. OK, not really, but I better purchase some if I want to impress Vyxsin.

And since I’m trying to impress Vyxsin, here’s a place we can meet…

Come back tomorrow for the Disney News from the Winter of 1979 and an inside look and the re-done Magic Shop on Main Street.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Magic Nite at Disneyland - October 26, 1979

It’s Magic Nite at Disneyland, October 26, 1979, 8PM – 1AM.

Only Disneyland could create an illusion like this”. That reminds me of my favorite Disneyland phrase “It could only happen at Disneyland”. I like magic, but I suppose I’m not much of a fan since I don’t recognize any of these names?

Simple yet elegant map.

A quick stop in the park yesterday revealed the Magic Shop has re-opened with a Houdini theme and it’s really amazing! Come back Sunday for a full report, but for now check this out. There’s tons of cool stuff in the Magic Shop windows and this was no exception. The sign above it said to stare at this spinning disk for 30 seconds, then stare at the back of your hand – it’s a rather alarming illusion. I have no idea if it will work here on the blog, if not, why not just head down to the park and see it for yourself.

From the Winter of 1979 here the cover of the Disney News, which is the official magazine for Magic Kingdom Members. These are fun, but more like a poor mans Vacationland!

Champion Percherons”. Magnificent indeed, I bet these would have been something else to see in person. See the entire issue on Bonus Sunday!

See you tomorrow for a special Halloween edition of Magazine Monday on Saturday.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Knott's Flyers & Historic Aerials

These two Knott’s Berry Farm flyers got lost in my den a while back and they have just been found; can you believe I almost threw these away!

This first Knott’s “General Information – Summer Schedule” is not dated, but its OLD! I would place it around 1957 based on the appearance of “Serrano the educated Horse”. What was the Whip Act all about? Square Dancing at the Wagon Camp, count me in!

From the Summer of 1969, it now costs a buck to enter the farm!

Has anyone played with “”? If you are into a comparing vintage aerial photos with current aerial photos, this site if for you!

Here’s Knott’s with 1954 on the left and 2003 on the right. When you are on the site and use the “compare tool” you can “swipe” left & right to see the changes or “dissolve” one image over the other, very cool stuff!

Disneyland 2004 on the left, 1972 on the right with all its parking lot goodness. Disneyland is really fun to play with the compare tool since it has 1953 when it was just orange groves!

The interface is a little awkward to use. Just put in the address and press find point. Be sure to select a “function” (such as Pan Image or Zoom In) before you click the image, otherwise it can be a bit frustrating.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Story of Halloween

Here's fun article from Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club Magazine - Fall 1956. In case you didn't know the history of Halloween this article will tell you all about it. And who doesn't love Paul Hartley's artwork? (link)

I was going to post this on Halloween, but I've got a special Holiday Edition of Magazine Monday (on Saturday) you be bats over it!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Disneyland's House of Horrors

Here’s a fun undated article about Disneyland’s House of Horrors. It’s from 1970 as the article does mention that as the current year. The magazine this is from is unknown as well. It’s on that newsprint type of paper so I’m guessing it was one of those cheap horror magazines. Also, on the back page of this article there’s part of an article about the original Island of Dr. Moreau.

Hello Mr. Hatbox Ghost, odd to see you here. I thought he only lasted a couple of weeks? If this article is from 1970 why feature him? Maybe because he is so darn cool! I still dream about “acquiring” Kevin & Jody’s phenomenal Hotbox Ghost (link). You can see these same photos with “Gracey the Grue-vy” in color at this great website (link) they even have some super photos of Kevin & Jody’s version.

Even when it was new you can tell everyone was aware it was something special.

Why do have the urge to watch the Kurt Russell & The Osmonds?

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Golden Magazine - June 1965

Welcome to Magazine Monday. From Disneyland’s “Tencennial” year, today’s featured magazine is The Golden Magazine from June 1965. “For Boys and Girls”. Published by Golden Press Inc., was this the same publisher for the “Little Golden Books”?

The editors of this Disneyland article claim to visit the park every year. Not that I disbelieve them. But wouldn’t they have noticed the lead photo for their 1965 article is sort of old? In fact, I would date this photo as 1955 or 1956. How long did they keep those framed posters showing what’s in the land ahead? On a positive note, I do love the castle colors and never noticed that zigzag roof pattern on the right is still there (link)!

If I tell the folks at Disneyland that I’m the Editor for “Vintage Disneyland Tickets” do you think they will let me drive the fire engine? It’s a pretty basic article, with a few fun spots. Lots of great photos and be sure and check out the ultra cool artwork for each realm.

A trip on an old-fashioned stage” in 1965? Now I know these “Editors” either didn’t go each year or they didn’t read this article!

A great playful “Pictorial Guide” I could look at this all day long. And don’t forget, “There are many Exhibits, Shops, places for Food and Refreshments, and Special Services not shown on this Map”.

The Golden Magazine has no advertisements, that’s only thing this magazine has in common with Mad Magazine. How about a Pop Quiz hotshot? More fun artwork, maybe a little late 1950’s, but way cool.

Here’s an odd looking Alice and scary Rabbit on the June 1965 Calendar. The King, Queen and Jack look pilfered direct from a set of Bicycle cards! I prefer a Vintage Disney Alice.

I bet some of you out there had fun with the 1965 Disneyland Ambassador paper doll from a few weeks ago (link) so here’s Beth at the Beach; she even has a purse and a hat!

How did you do? I got #3, 5 & 6 correct – I guess you do learn something new everyday.

Come back tomorrow for a special Magazine Tuesday as Halloween tribute. It's a weird article featuring your friendly Hatbox Ghost!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bonus Sunday

Welcome to Bonus Sunday, from Wednesday’s “Date Nite at Disneyland 1967 – Part 2” post, here is the entire Summer 1967Your Guide to Disneyland”.

Summer 1967 Disneyland Guide – 14mb

Lot’s of great stuff in this guide, Pirates is brand new and so is Tomorrowland ’67.

How about a very short vintage Trip Report??? I recently found a box of my old slides from January 1981. This is from my first “playing hookie” trip to Disneyland. As I recall there was a Social Studies test that day (Hi Mr. Shapiro) and since I had no chance of passing I figured it was best to just not show up.

These “Red Tag Photo” slides have aged “OK” (kind of like me) is was a bit of a gloomy day. Is this the Katella Gate entrance?

And now for part two of the vintage trip report, the parking lot! I remember taking this picture and then debating about bringing my 8 pound camera in the park, the camera lost that debate and spent the day in the trunk.

The remaining slides in the box are all of my 1977 Olds Toronado. I was a weird teenager, this looks like it should be your grandpa’s car! I did get an amazing deal on this beast, with the 2nd fuel crisis and the poor economy I got this baby for $2,000, about half its blue book value.

I won’t put you to sleep with all 22 photos so I'll leave you with the nice interior shot. That Gumby on the review mirror has been in every car I’ve owned, I still have him!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Trip Report

Before we get started with the latest trip report let’s give a big shout out to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for pulling off a nice win last night. Donald looks ready to throw those Yankee’s one mean fast ball!

Tuesday was an exceptionally nice day at the park with that made to order Anaheim weather and low crowds. I got to the main gates at 8:15, with the park opening at 9:00. The “Magic Mornings” guests get to enter the park up to one hour early. I got a place right in front of one of the gates. The ticket taker reminds me of my Grandma.

At 8:40 they opened the gates and let everyone get right up to the turnstile.

A n t i c i p a t i o n…

At 8:42 the let us in! No running please.

Let’s peak back into the New Disney gallery. My cheap camera just has a fit with this poster.

Look what we have here, something new – a Silver Plated “E” Ticket!!! I almost bought one, but it wasn’t in my budget for this trip. It looks like it’s the 1959 version and also comes with the neat-o 1959 replica book.

The little note on this beautiful machine says its been in Disneyland since 1955. It's really a shame it’s not operating anymore, but a least I can stare at it endlessly (and trust me, I do).

The candy makers were hard at work making Nuttles!

Fancy for no reason other than to be fancy, Disneyland at its best.

The Matterhorn as seen from the Plaza Gardens.

You’ll notice an ongoing theme in the bulk of the photos to follow – no people! I love people as much as the next guy, but I gotta admit; I love “Disneyland under Glass” – that’s the first few hours on a weekday in the off season. Large sections of the park are mine for the taking.

There’s plenty of things to complain about in Southern California, the weather isn’t one of them.

One empty log after another, only about every 5th one had guests. Not much of a wait at 9:30am.

Paging the Omega man.

Not only did the canoes have no line, they had no cast members either. I guess it was self service day? Tempting indeed.

This is Anaheim, are you sure?

I could handle one of these by myself… yeah right!

Answering the age old question of where “does a bear go in the woods”.

New Orleans Square was freshly cleaned and oddly devoid of people.

My usual hang out at Disneyland.

My alternate hangout in Disneyland is “Club 30”. I saw an “Otis Elevator” man go in this door; it looks like a small hallway inside?

No one ever pays any attention to this guy, he’s just all alone is this weird little courtyard room.

Just behind that courtyard and in between two shops are these unlocked, unobserved stairs.

Were do these stairs go? There wasn’t even a sign that said “Cast Members Only” and no one was around. I was a good boy and resisted the urge.

Zocalo Park has a fun and funky mood to it.

It gets extra funky with this guy when it’s just you and him.

Heading to the hub I found this magnificent animal.

Let’s follow the trolley around the hub for a bit.

Work is still being done on the castle moat. I want that job so bad!

Look, you get to play with lots of pretty paint colors, just like the old cartoons!

Poetic isn’t it?

The vintage ticket booth is looking splendid. It was missing its top in my trip report from July (link).

Three fences of course is looking good as well.

Anyone familiar with the Matterhorn queue line knows this is a welcome sight.

Drinking fountains for all sizes and an emergency defibrillator, what will they think of next?

Groovy Baby.

Discover the Joys of National Motoring”.

The controls look simple enough – I am really liking that vintage brass & wood steering wheel!

Who do you think would win in a race to Town Square?

He said he had gloves “somewhere”…

I’m hungry so it’s off to the Bengal Barbeque.

In my last trip report I raved on and on about the Chieftain Chicken Skewers at the Bengal Barbeque (link). Warning **Don’t get them now** They now are using small gross rubbery grey chicken chunks that I wouldn’t feed to a dog. I couldn’t even take a picture, as it would be considered indecent. I rarely return food, but this time I ran back up there and said “what is this?” The super nice CM (Jose) told me they just changed the “type” of chicken last week, it’s now a “mix of white and dark meat”, yeah, from road kill!

Anyway, Jose tried to give me a different skewer in exchange, but I couldn’t decide on which one so he gave me all three. Two are beef which were ok but I’m not a big beef on a stick fan and the asparagus bacon wrap thing was different. I should have asked for my money back, but as nice as Jose was, he didn’t seem to offer the returning of my money. The Bengal Barbecue is off my list!

Time to visit Tom Sawyers Island. I have only been to the island once since the Pirates took over and I’m ready for them to leave anytime. This visit however had a purpose.

My memories of youth are right there in that bubbling water…

There are some nice views from the narrow center of the Island.

It's brilliant how Splash Mountain whips you out by the river just for few seconds, great sensory overload.

The reason I traveled over to the island was to see the recently reopened “back trail”. Just to the left of the fort entrance there is a trail that follows the river bank all the way to the back side of the fort.

This path has been closed for a while; I think ever since they removed the original fort and replaced it with a Home Depot version. The path just reopened last week.

It’s a great path, not as “improved” as the others on the island.

There are several sections with no rail or fence; you could actually fall into the river here, just like the old days.

As you travel up the path, it starts to bend around behind the fort.

I will confess this much - many years ago we would go to this spot and do things you are not supposed to do in the park.

Turning around as the trail ends gives a great view of the river and the Hungry Bear Restaurant.

The graveyard is back behind the fort. It’s not as large as before, but nice to see its return.

Here’s a little video walking on the trail heading back to the front of the fort. Don’t watch this video if you suffer from motion sickness.

This is the only train I saw on this visit to the park. The Disneyland Railroad and Casey Jr. are both down for refurbishment.

Somehow I always end up on the wrong side of things!

It's just past noon and time to leave. Still light crowds and not a ton of people arriving.

The fall flowers seemed a little less vibrant than a couple of weeks ago (link).

Ghost Goofy stole some kids Churro and he almost ate it.

This is for Major and all the poster fans out there. It's very hard to get a picture of this due to the reflections, but I thought you’d find it amusing. Is that the sub from the original poster with Alfred Hitchcock and a smiling Hitler in the windows?