Monday, October 12, 2009

Western Family Magazine - August - 1956

Welcome to Magazine Monday. Today we set the way back machine to the August 1956 edition of Western Family Magazine. This magazine must be intended for women (of the west) as it mostly has child care, clothing, how-to articles, recipes and advertisements.

The great painting on the cover is The Regatta by Phil Dike, it really sets the mood nicely. “16th year, 2nd issue – August 1956 – Volume 31, No.2” - I’m confused, so they started in June 1940, wouldn’t this be Vol. 16, No.2??? I think I’ll just call Hollywood 9-8331 and ask for them myself.

This four page Disneyland article reminds me of a similar article from McCalls February 1956 issue, which happened to be this blogs first Magazine Monday post from January of this year (link). The McCall photos were in color, Western Family must not have had the budget for that, even most of the advertisements are not in color.

The Casual Western Woman” is a super time capsule of the 1956 styles and the “bright new world of sweaters”. You do know of course that “Emphatically, a wardrobe of sweaters is the fashion essential”. This is why these should be in color: “Jacquard Cardigan” and “Green and Red Paisley on white”. Where is the girl on the right standing???

The prices were all looking pretty reasonable so far, then along comes Tomorrowland lady at $90! Well it is cashmere & black Chantilly Lace (I know that song just went thru your head!). The lady on the top left would look more at home on the Jupiter 2.

Someone (preferably a woman) should try and redo this Adventureland photo, you could still get that exact same angle and background. The “pixie mood” hood lady looks funny.

Oh boy, the fire truck back when it ran out on Main Street. I bet those metal wheels were murder on the street. What do we have here, the Gullywhumper! Soon to make her triumphant return to Disneyland’s Rivers of America. (Remember, you heard it here first).

How about some vintage advertisements? I’m hungry, how about a "Smorgasbord”? All those trays look yummy but I’m taking that entire cold cuts tray back to my table! The serving trays and bowls are extra cool too… Hey is that mayonnaise yellow?

Quilted aluminum foil, from Kaiser! It’s “Ribbed for extra strength”.

This woman got a big kiss because she remembered to have Budweiser on hand for her husband’s poker friends.

Let’s set the content of this ad aside and focus on those two stunningly beautiful 1950’s ladies. Did people really look like that? I love all the stars and sparkles and the colored background, wow.

Hi-C Orange was my favorite drink as a kid (ok, it’s still my favorite and I get it every time I go to McDonalds). Unfortunately, Citrus Cooler (my 2nd favorite) is no longer made. I’ve never seen “Hi-Cecil” before, he’s cute.

I remember toilet paper that came in “tinted shades”, do they still make toilet paper in colors?

What do you do with all those empty mayonnaise jars? Torches of course.


Pegleg Pete said...

A belated thank you for posting the Yachtsmen's recording of 'Sinnerman' yesterday. Listening to it has made my Monday morning much more tolerable!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Your Welcome Pete! In fact, I'm listing to it right now, and yes, it has made my Monday morning much more tolerable too!

"Satan, Satan, won't you hide me now"...

"Satan said Sinner Man step right in"...

Major Pepperidge said...

Check out all of those fantastic vintage illustrations! Those were the days... they make me actually stop and look at the ad, unlike most crummy ads from today.

Notice how the models look like actual women instead of 17 year-old girls...!

OldPerson said...

Yes Vintage, women were beautiful in the 50s. Great style. As we have seen in many of the early photos, people often dressed up to go to Disneyland. Wish I could go back.

OldPerson said...

By the way wanted to comment on your Disneyland trip report. Great photos. The picture of the guy on the pay phone is the one that future Disneyland fans will treasure. Someone should document all the pay phones in Disneyland.

Chris Jepsen said...

The Phil Dike painting, of course, depicts Balboa, in Orange County, California. Balboa Island is in the foreground, and across Newport Harbor you can see the historic Balboa Pavilion. Thank you for sharing. Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

The mayo was yellow because it had Real Eggs (as opposed to God knows what).

Unknown said...

Hello, I'd love to use your picture of this fantastic cover in a KCET Artbound blogpost that I'm writing. Is it your image - may I use it with appropriate credit? Thank you so much for posting it!