Saturday, October 10, 2009

Trip Report

It’s been a couple of months since my last trip report so this one is extra photo heavy! I’m not a huge fan of the holiday make-over’s at Disneyland, but I’m starting to warm up to the harvest colors for the Halloween celebration. I ended up going to the park Thursday instead of Tuesday, which was fine since the weather was truly made to order, crisp and clear.

First stop the new Disney Gallery that is in the former Bank of Main Street building. You can see full photo essay’s all over the Disney-net-universe, so my focus was on what the other guys didn't focus on – The Vault!!!

Finally I was able to get a decent photo of the Vault, but what's even better is I got to touch it!

There are two original “Shag” style works of art in the small vault, if you have 12 or 16 thousand dollars you can part with they can be yours.

OK so the art work is cool, but what the heck is this on the back wall of the vault? My first guess was one of those tubes that uses air to shoot messages upstairs, but that’s not what it is. Is it for emergency air? I was so temped to “Turn Tee handle" and "Pull out fully” just to see what happens… It looks very “1955” what ever it is. KatellaGate, no pressure, but I’m expecting you to know what this is…

The rest of the gallery has the some classics, including these two gems.

These beauties were sort of hidden in the corner. I was not able to get a clear shot of the “Ghost Galaxy” poster on the left. Speaking of Space Mountain’s “Ghost Galaxy”, I rode it and really enjoyed it. It’s very dark and understated which was perfect, a true case of less is better.

In the Mr. Lincoln preshow area they have moved the big 1955 model to a windowed display and tilted it so it’s super easy to see now. I never noticed that Adventureland was a dead end and had no pathway to the Rivers of America.

Speaking of models, they’ve got the original Splash Mountain model on display, it’s so cool and very difficult to photograph!

Here's the real thing just 30 minutes later. Hey, it looks just like the model!

The preshow area also has some great photos of Walt, not sure if they were in there before, but it’s sure nice to see them.

Back out at town square, the fire engine is gleaming as always.

You’re going to see lots of yellow and orange in this post.

Stunningly bright flowers.

Speaking of stunning, this version of Alice really caught my eye.

For telling Alice “Good morning” I got this cute smile.

I started to ask the Mad Hatter if he would take my picture with Alice and when he saw she was smiling I got the "hand" and he told me that he and Alice had to leave because they were late for a very important date! And they really left, what a stinker!

Obligatory castle shot showing the light crowds.

Dreamy aint it?

Monorail Red is running tip-top.

Three Fences is doing very well. I leaned way over for this shot.

The whole grassy area around three fences is not doing so well. How about some water and new grass? This looks like my backyard; it even smells (dry) like it.

Monorail Orange making its Halloween appearance.

It looks like the Smurf’s must be out for the day.

This is a rare sight; someone using a payphone! In reality, this man was desperately talking to his cellar phone company trying to reprogram his cell phone, the poor man.

These make perfect Halloween decorations.

Here kitty kitty kitty

As more guests gathered and “talked” to the kitty he/she hissed and spit and turned into a bit of a beast.

Where’s my sack of sugar when I need it!

Ok, I’ve seen the white ones before, but these look new or did I just never notice them?

The Columbia gets some tender love and care.

I did mention it was a beautiful day right?

Getting hungry at 10:30am at Disneyland does not leave you many options, it's too late for breakfast and too early for lunch. The Bengal Barbeque was open so I decided to give it a try.

Yes, I’ve been to Disneyland about 100 times in the last 15 years and I've never ate here. I thought they only had those turkey legs (turns out they don’t even sell those!). I got the Chieftain Chicken Skewer and it was so yummy I went back for a second one.

The moat and its connecting waterway’s were pretty much drained. The waterways on the Frontierland side were really getting gross, I think I saw mosquitoes hatching.

They are pumping a small amount of water into the waterways that flow thru to the Frontierland and Adventureland entrances. It's such a small amount it doesn’t seem to look like its moving.

Wow, that really is a draw bridge; I always figured it was just welded in the open position, maybe not?

What do you suppose the huge concrete squares are for?

Disneyland or the swamps in Florida?

Snow White was still singing.

I know, never stare into the sun, what about taking pictures into the sun?

These bright flowers at the hub look great, but they smell like 3 day old road kill.

Mighty and Majestic.

I’m happy to report the new Monorail awning got itself some proper lights, they replaced these (link) – thank you whoever did that!

I call this one “Speedramp to my dreams of youth” when can I get on?

A quick trip on the E.P. Ripley from Tomorrowland to Main Street Station. You can't really see it in this photo, but the "Engineer" was a beautiful young blond haired woman, WoW, I think the train was whistling on its own!

Fun displays at the Main Street Station. You’ve seen some of that stuff here on this blog!

Hey, some of these are just reprints glued to cardboard? I'd be happy to loan them some of my tickets!

Was this an actual ticket window at one time? I’m thinking it was.

Inside it’s mocked up to look like a turn of the century ticket booth, nice touch, its all in the details.

Time to leave the park, one last look at the fall colors.

His ride was over, but he didn’t want to exit the vehicle, can you blame him?

This was my attempt to get a photo of the Keelboat that’s backstage. As you can see, I snapped it at the wrong time, nice monorail shot, but I missed the Gullywumper entirely. She’s still back there, in fact, she’s on a wheeled dolly thing and just needs some TLC to be River worthy. My prediction – In the Summer 2010, you’ll see her on the river again.

Heading away from the park towards Lincoln Avenue you’ll find this place, anyone want to join me for some tap beer?


Katella Gate said...

Re: the concrete blocks. They used to put up Christmas trees in the moat. My guess is the central socket held the trunk, and the four blocks of concrete surrounding it were to secure stabilizing guy wires. Note the eyes in the tops of the blocks.

Major Pepperidge said...

Another excellent trip report, and excellent photos! Love the bank vault, look at the detail on that thing. So glad they kept it. Thanks also for the great shot of the '55 Disneyland model. The park sure looks bare! Fire engine, cute Alice, lovely Matterhorn shot, awesome! And since orange is my favorite color, I love that photo of Monorail Orange! And oh man, that shot of the Mark Twain heading round the bend will be my new desktop wallpaper.

Nice to see that the castle is getting some much-needed maintenance; they really put Christmas trees in the moat? And how tempted were you to run up the speedram, even though the steps were down? Thanks for the great train pic and all of the train station details.

And lastly, that sign for the "Doll Hut" is fantastic! Notice the stickers that go all the way up to the sign!

Katella Gate said...

Major: Yes, they did put Xmas trees up in the moat: it was an early-mid 60's thing and as I recall they were those mid-century aluminum trees. I don't think there were any lights, they were lit with a color wheel.

Tim: Sorry, I got so wrapped up at the Shag and Gurr art, I completely missed that wall equipment. I think it's a self-contained phone system.

When a bank was robbed, the last thing the robbers would do is get everybody into the vault and close the door. That was a nightmare, if somebody was injured and if the only person who knew the combination was the bank president, and he was locked in too with no way to communicate.

My guess is the mechanism is patterned on the old magneto phone where you crank to ring the distant station. Here, you turn the handle to wind a spring, and pull it out to ring the distant station. Once the connection is made to the outside world, the phone can be powered to speak with outside power, so batteries were not need.

The unit looks literally bullet proof to keep the robbers from disabling it with a bullet. Shooting at a metal object inside a closed space runs the risk of great injury from wild flying metal and ricochets.

I recall seeing old photos of inside of bank vaults with a small sign to prevent people from panicking stating that a phone was in the vault with them, and that the vault itself was ventilated.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Regarding the concrete blocks, that makes total sense, in fact I seem to recall seeing those Christmas trees myself in December 1970, there's one behind my dads head (link).

Thanks for the nice words Major! I was so glad to see the vault and it was very cool to stand IN it, that was taboo for so long... The 1955 Model is much better in this setting, its right in your face! The Orange monorail is sweet, yet somewhat sassy, kinda like Alice!

Am I temped to run up the speed ramp? Heck yes, I'm tempted to do a LOT of things at the park, but I always have this weird feeling I'm being watched... When I was taking pictures of the cat in the tunnel a security guy showed up right next to me literally from nowhere. he was cool though, he knew the kitty was really a tiger!

KatellaGate; That art is nice huh? Which one are you buying?

THANK YOU! That was killing me not knowing what that Vault device was for. That sure proves this was a REAL bank. I wonder where the "distant station" was/is? It does look bullet proof, I like how it was made by "Yale"...

ark said...

Nice post. About the drawbridge. Nope, not welded. It is fully operational. Lowered at the opening of Disneyland 1955 and also for the Fantasyland redo of the 80s. Here's an awesome link with awesome pics!

About the concrete anchors in the moat. Other than Christmas trees of the 60s, I think they used them also for the Year of a Million Dreams campaign to anchor those retarded looking swan things there. Here's a pic of those.

Matt said...

Fantastic trip report, and great photos, and of course I love a cute Alice!

TokyoMagic! said...

I love a good trip report and this one was fantastic! I WAS AT THE PARK ON THURSDAY! But I was only there for an hour and a half (I had some unexpected time open up on my work schedule). I hurried in and saw Ghost Galaxy and the Disney Gallery and that's it. I didn't even get to check out the new Turkey Leg Shack.

I wish they would go back to a "rubber head" for the Mad Hatter. I have always found the live person to be a little creepy.

Great cat photos! Daveland posted some a while 'em all. Someone needs to do a book, "The Cats of Disneyland."

Running up that Speedramp would probably get you kicked out of the park...I'm just guessing. But I definitely feel your pain.

Thanks for sharing your trip and your photos!

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