Tuesday, October 13, 2009

APRA Night at Disneyland - October 13, 1975

It’s October 13, 1975 and it's APRA Night at Disneyland! The Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association had their own "special party" from 4:00pm to 11:00pm. October 13, 1975 was Monday so was the park closed for the day and just opened for this event? Or was it like last week at Disneyland where the park closed at 6:00pm for “regular” guests and the parties were held afterwards? Was this party even "private" and did the APRA have then entire park to themselves or did they share their “special party" with other organizations?

The usual legal disclaimers on the back. Oh, this ticket also included parking!

How about a lovely Vacationland from the Summer of 1975? At the risk of sounding like a broken record, “This is a super edition of Vacationland.” It really is, just look at the cover! This is how I remember “It’s a small world”. This issue is in Mint condition, with the exception of the “Jack N’ Jill Motel” stamp, which in my book just enhances it.

Oh my! I’m setting my Time Machine to the Summer of 1975 to checkout a mature yet original Frontierland. What are those rocks and things doing in the photo on the far right? Wasn’t Mineral Hall long gone by 1975?

Snap! Crackle! Boom….. Here's a stellar photo if ever there was one. There’s a neat article that accompanies this picture. Come back on Bonus Sunday for then entire issue, again, it’s a great one!


Katella Gate said...

The Small World picture is interesting... Where was it taken from? I suppose they rented a crane and lined it up with the center of the clock and froze the animation for the shot.

Because the original "Bank of America" marquee blocked a clear view of the marching dolls, they had to go high. An added bonus is the city lights at the top of the frame.

Anonymous said...

We used to go to "Hughes Night" in the early 70's. Sounds very similar to APRA night.

Major Pepperidge said...

How the heck did a motel copy of Vacationland survive in mint condition? I'm looking forward to seeing the whole issue!

CoxPilot said...

Anonymous: I too went to the "Hughes Night". Now there would be a great blog. All about Hughes Aircraft Company. They said that Hughes had the most long-term employees of any company. I spent 30 of them there.

Anonymous said...

This is the Disneyland I remember!

I remember the Jack N Jill motel, pretty sure we stayed there once. dont remember where it was tho.

I seem to remember that one of the shops near the frontierland entrance sold lapidary jewelry and geological specimens like those in the picture. Things like that were a "style" about this time. I had several belt buckles and rock specimens (still do).

Thanks VDT!

Anonymous said...

We used to go to TRW night (anyone remember them) and Pacific Bell/AT&T night. I distinctly remember one of the events was 6pm-1am and it absolutely poured down all night...one of the best times I've ever had at Disneyland!

Anonymous said...

@Katella Gate...I wonder if the it's a small world photo was taken from atop the Matterhorn?

Anonymous said...

Those geodes and rocks are not from Mineral Hall, but from the "Frontierland Rock Shop" it had a few locations in the 70's and 80's. But here it was located inside the Davy Crocket Frontier Arcade. For a time in the early 80's the same type of items were located inside the Frontier Trading Post. -Mike Cozart