Friday, July 29, 2011

Disneyland Aerial Shot

This aerial photo of Disneyland is undated but must be from 1982 or early 1983 as Fantasyland is undergoing its transformation into the "New Fantasyland". If you want a closer look, here's the 4800dpi Photoshop file of the negative (LINK to PSD File - 132mb!). ** Here's a .TIF version too!(LINK to TIF File - 133mb!). **

Thursday, July 28, 2011

United Air Lines Make Believe Tours - 1970

Incorporating United Air Lines Make-Believe Tours at Disneyland and Universal Studios. This great United Air Lines brochure is from April 1970. You don’t see much cross-promotion of Disneyland and Universal Studios, but United Air Lines was able to combine the two for its Make-Believe Tours packages.

Naturally the Enchanted Tiki Room gets mentioned as well as “thousands” of other experiences available at Disneyland.

Hey I think I’ve seen one of those United Airlines Special Ticket Books, but where?

Universal Studios was pretty expensive!

Wow - look at all that vacant land surrounding the Sheraton Universal Hotel.

Decisions decisions…. I think I’ll check out the “Inn of Tomorrow”

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Ride to the Future Has Begun!

This undated (but I think it’s from 1997) flyer announced a major step in the Resort Expansion of Disneyland. At the risk of sounding smarmy, this flyer was really announcing the end of an era and the beginning of a billion dollar mistake. I’m offended at the use of Mr. Toad to “soften the blow” of the loss of the Cast Parking Lot - Toad is in no way responsible for Disney’s California Adventure.

Looks like the decal might have been the better choice, although an ice cream bar does sound good, it might not scan to well 10 years later. This large decal is high quality and is one of those “reverse” decals that you place behind glass (I stuck it to a clear piece of plastic to scan it). Were you suppose to put this in your car window?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Disneyland Snapshots - July 1958 - Focus Please!

If only… If only the photographer of these July 1958 Disneyland photos knew the meaning of focus. If only there was some color left too…. Oh well, a three year old Disneyland is neat to look at even blurry and with very little color.

First up the Mark Twain in all its blurriness, fun “cargo” boxes on the dock.

Something tells me those flowers did actually grow in white and magenta.

At first I thought that was a long & sleek Viewliner behind the Indian, but I suppose it’s just the roof of the passenger train cars!

Mrs. & Miss Blurry are smiling(?) for the “framing & focus challenged” photographer.

And lastly the least blurry photo has some weird reflection. Wow these were boring huh?

This is a “Kodacolor Print”. Hey the color on the date stamp held up better than the color in the photos!

Monday, July 25, 2011

FilmFax Plus Magazine - December 2005

Welcome to Magazine Monday. Today’s magazine is once again not “vintage” but the Disneyland related article is so cool we’ll allow it. Filmfax (plus) is a magazine of “Unusual Film, Television & Pop Culture”. You can still purchase this cool “retro feel” sci-fi magazine here (link). Today’s issue from December 2005 features an amazing article on Disneyland’s Flying Saucers.

This seven page article is an exhausting and fascinating look at this neato attraction that was a hit in Tomorrowland from 1961 to 1966. After reading this all you need is the operating manual and you’ll be a Flying Saucer expert.

I can only image the sound of hundreds (thousands?) of Morgan Valves flapping at once! Bob Gurr got a US Patent for his “Amusement Ride Car” - with the right paint job that thing would still be in style today!

The shutdown and start up sequence sounds daunting; do you suppose computers would have made it better or worse? Let’s not forget the Rocket-Rods and their computers that were over sensitive, a modern computer might shut the old Flying Saucers down every ten minutes!

For some awesome color photos of the Flying Saucers in action, see Daveland’s excellent post from last week here (link).

What self-respecting sci-fi magazine wouldn’t include some Robby the Robot photos? This magazine has a whole seven page article on Robby!

I gotta admit I love the retro feel of this magazine, yes the pages are pretty much like newspaper, but it sure takes me back the sci-fi magazines of the 70’s… Here's the back cover.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Disneyland Special "Youth" Ticket Book - 1963

Taking another look at a page from the Magical “Ticket Binder” this Disneyland Special “Youth” ticket book is something I’ve only seen in the binder. Dated 1963 we've only got partial scans but man is that “Youth” font cool, the “Y” is embracing the word “Special”.

These fantastic tickets sported a “Y” serial number prefix, for “youth” I would guess. If anyone has one, or has even seen one, please let me know. I wonder what the Main Gate Admission ticket looks like?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Disneyland Stub Tickets to Ride

I’m in the mood for some Vintage Disneyland Stub Tickets. From the mythical “Ticket Binder” these three pages of “stub” tickets are a nice representation of the individual ride tickets that could be purchased (I think) at each attraction. As you can tell by some of the attractions, these are pretty old! I could look at these all days long.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Portfolio Magazine - December 2007

Welcome to Magazine Monday. From the “not exactly vintage” stack today we’ve got Portfolio Magazine from December 2007.

Not in Mickey’s Backyard” is an interesting (if not sorta dry) look at Disneyland and the Suncal project back in 2007 (link). Some nice photos and a claim that Disneyland’s street address number (1313) was chosen by Walt because it represents the 13th letter in the alphabet “M” so 1313 is MM – Mickey Mouse. Anyone know if that’s true?

I've never seen that photo of Walt - He's driving a "regular" Autopia Car, neat!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dateline Disneyland July 17, 1955 in TV Guide

While I’m at the beach on the French Riviera for the next few days please enjoy these “rebroadcast” posts from 2008. Magazine Monday will return with a new post this Monday.


Happy 56th Birthday Disneyland!

Since TV was such an integral part of Disneyland’s beginning and a large part of its ultimate success, I’d thought it would be fun to pay tribute to the TV show that started it all.

TV Guide for the week of July 16 - 22, 1955. I’m not to familiar with Julius La Rosa, but he does have a great 1950’s warm friendly smile.

Sunday night, 7:30pm Live (this is a Pittsburgh, PA eastern time zone edition) Dateline Disneyland. How old is that picture of Walt? No photo or even a mention of Ronald Reagan or Bob Cummings. Were they added as co-emcee’s at the last minute? I know the TV Guide’s were printed ahead of time, but I think just a couple of weeks. Poor “Private Secretary” and “Studio 57”, they didn’t have a chance that night!

Don’t forget the regular “Disneyland” TV show is still on Wednesday’s at 7:30pm. This week, “a trip to Fantasyland”. Speaking of Bob Cummings, he’s got his own comedy show at 7:00pm.

Edward R. Morrow had just shot an episode of “Person to Person” with Marilyn Monroe. After the show, she let a ton of “candid snapshots” be taken of her. Interesting facial expressions, a "show" or a real look inside of this fascinating woman?

And of course, what would a vintage TV Guide post be without my favorite TV Tele-type’s”. New York goes before Hollywood, that will change soon.

Again a big Happy Birthday to Disneyland

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Disneyland's 35th Anniversary

While I’m at the beach on the French Riviera for the next few days please enjoy these “rebroadcast” posts from 2008. Magazine Monday will return with a new post this Monday.


July 17, 1990. Disneyland’s 35th Anniversary. There is a bunch of stuff in this post so I’ll get right to it.

A Complementary Passport. An interesting color choice, it reeks of the early 1990’s.

35th Anniversary Dream machine unused ticket, too bad you had to be present that day to win, maybe someday I’ll reveal the prize that never was.

A variation of the 35th Anniversary Dream machine ticket, this is a winner of Disney Videos!

A special party for the Automobile Club in June, This really shows the art departments using their new computer to do the layouts. It looks like it came from Print Master Deluxe.

Here’s an interesting item that is WAY too big to scan. It’s a pop-up thing of Disneyland. I took a few photos of it, there are not great, but you get the idea.

The inside is pretty detailed in parts, but some parts are missing altogether. I dig the Rockets!

Colorful backside.

This last set of scans is from a binder that looks kind of like a press kit, but I don’t think it is. I scanned each sections divider as they have the cool graphics. Maybe in the future I’ll post the text pages.