Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Disneyland Snapshots - July 1958 - Focus Please!

If only… If only the photographer of these July 1958 Disneyland photos knew the meaning of focus. If only there was some color left too…. Oh well, a three year old Disneyland is neat to look at even blurry and with very little color.

First up the Mark Twain in all its blurriness, fun “cargo” boxes on the dock.

Something tells me those flowers did actually grow in white and magenta.

At first I thought that was a long & sleek Viewliner behind the Indian, but I suppose it’s just the roof of the passenger train cars!

Mrs. & Miss Blurry are smiling(?) for the “framing & focus challenged” photographer.

And lastly the least blurry photo has some weird reflection. Wow these were boring huh?

This is a “Kodacolor Print”. Hey the color on the date stamp held up better than the color in the photos!


Major Pepperidge said...

Dude, you are preaching to the choir! If you only knew how many images I have the look good at first, and then when they're scanned I realize that they are kind of blurry. It happens a LOT.

Notice how the Chief who waves at folks on the Mark Twain is not wearing his full war bonnet yet - he hasn't been promoted yet.

Anonymous said...

Ha, Chief Wavy when he was just a lieutenant.


TokyoMagic! said...

I like these.....they were NOT boring!