Thursday, September 30, 2010

Walt Disney Word Tickets - September 1972

While rummaging through the Walt Disney Word ticket bucket for yesterday’s post I noticed this cool WDW Transportation Ticket and figured why not share it? Monorail, Boat or Motor Tram – isn’t the choice obvious?

It’s still amazing to me that Florida’s Monorail doesn’t actually enter the park! The WDW Monorail isn’t on the E ticket as at Disneyland, it’s on the “Transportation Ticket” found on the front of the ticket book. This September 1972 ticket book is the larger style book, pretty much the size of money!

The blue welcome sheet welcomes you to the “Vacation Kingdom”. Those fancy letters on the tickets are your clue that this isn’t Disneyland! Yes the Main Gate admission ticket is missing (don’t ya hate that?). Complete WDW ticket books from 1971/72 are very rare.

The attraction lineup seems small compare to Disneyland of 1972, but they are BIG attractions. Too bad I never saw the Mickey Mouse Revue, somehow I think I would have been totally obsessed with it had I experienced it.

Sharp eyes will notice the “C” and “A” tickets are from another ticket book, but they are from 1972.

This "12 Adventures" book was the larger book, with 7 or 8 tickets in the small book. State tax, estimate price, actual price, value, boy that’s a lot of numbers!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Magic Kingdom Club WDW Coupon - 1972

Whenever I think "Magic Kingdom Club" I think “Disneyland”, but the club was also for Walt Disney World. This ticket provided the bearer with some tough choices, I of course would go for the Special Ticket Book!

Alcoholic Beverages are not included but the tax & tip are included? That seems all backwards to me… Notice the Globe safety paper has a different pattern than the park tickets.

How about some vintage WDW postcards to add some color to this post? Boy that castle is BIG!

TokyoMagic, this one is for you.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Disneyland Family Festival presents TRON September 20, 1982

Cast Activities and the Disneyland Family Festival present TRON September 20, 1982. Is the "Lincoln Theater" the Opera house at Disneyland? Maybe the ENCOM 511 knows, lets ask the MCP to check it out.

The new TRON looks like it has potential to be excellent, check out the latest trailer here (link) - how does Jeff Bridges look 35 and 60 simultaneously in the same movie?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Family Fun Party at Disneyland - September 24, 1970

Forty year ago today it was the 3rd annual Southland Hospitals Family Fun Party at Disneyland - September 24, 1970. 10am to 11pm - wow 13 hours of unlimited use of all attractions including the "Breathtaking Haunted Mansion" and free parking all for $4.25!

From my private vault, this is one of my favorite Vacationland magazines. From the Fall of 1970. I suppose I can identify with the kids on the cover being about their age in 1970. Even though the cover shot is most likely staged, it captures something unique to that time period that you really just had to be there to understand.

Speaking of capturing the mood of 1970, this art style really does it - boy do I like it! It's a good article too.

Life before Photoshop was good.

Sugar never looked so sweet. Great Disneyland Castle drawing on the sugar packed, I gotta get one those!

Come back tomorrow for this entire issue and come back Sunday for the Spring 1959 Vacationland, its a Bonus Weekend!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vacationland - Spring 1959

A big thanks again to Tom for his donation of vintage Vacationland Magazines, these are awesome! I want to step right into the cover of this Spring 1959 Vacationland, I can hear the band now.

Great centerfold with a rare appearance of the Viewliner!

Come back on Bonus Sunday for the entire issue.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Commemorating the Magic of Tomorrow...Today - New Tomorrowland 1999

Today's post is a scan sent in by blog reader "JG", thanks JG! "Commemorating the Magic of Tomorrow...Today". This is an interesting item from 1999, I'll let JG describe it to us: "(it's on) heavy metallic gold paper, embossed with purple and silver ink. The Disneyland and Tomorrowland logos are embossed, as is the compass rose graphic. It also features the printed signature of Paul Pressler, which may reduce the value (ha-ha)."

You can download a high resolution scan here (link - 5mb) the concept art is very good, but sometimes concept art should remain a "concept".

Thanks again JG!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bonus Sunday

Welcome back to Bonus Sunday. Things have been rather busy here as summer winds down, but expect to see "Bonus Sunday" more frequently as we move into fall. Today's amazing item was donated to the blog along with several vintage and mint Vacationland's, a HUGE thanks goes out to "Tom"!!!!

From the summer of 1967, this issue (Vol. 2 No.2) of Disney News is seriously "Disneyland" heavy with over half of the issue devoted to Disneyland. You may recognize the cover (which is pretty darn incredible huh?) its the same exact cover used on the summer 1967 issue of Vacationland (link) but ironically, this issue of Disney News is even better than the Vacationland.

Below are the pages that are about Disneyland, you can also get the entire issue here:

Disney News Summer 1967 - 81mb

The Tomorrowland Terrance must have had its name finalized at the very last moment before the New Tomorrowland opened. Once again it's referred to as "Refreshment Gardens". Climate Controlled yet devoid of walls, it could only happen at Disneyland.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Family Fun Party at Disneyland - September 18, 1980

Time for the 13th Annual Southland Hospitals Family Fun Party at Disneyland, held September 18, 1980. Alice seems to been having fun, good thing she left the Mad Hatter behind!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Disneyland Update

Here's quick little update from the current issue of Disneyland Back Stage Pass magazine. The New Star Tours sounds really cool, but its no Adventure Thru Inner Space... The New parade looks kinda neat too.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Fantasmic Evening - September 15, 1992

Here’s an interesting Disneyland Ticket. From September 15, 1992 (18 years ago today if you’re like me and count those kind of things) this Disneyland ticket was for a Fantasmic Evening Honoring Bill Snyder. Fantasmic being just a few months old I can see why they emphasized the new show, but who is Bill Snyder?

Was it Bill Snyder the head football coach for Kansas State University? Probably not. Maybe Bill Snyder the president of the Anaheim/Orange County Hotel & Lodging Assn ? Not likely… My Guess would be William E. Snyder, cinematographer for 39 episodes of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color. However he died in 1984 so I’m not sure if this event was for him either??

This ticket is good for 3 ½ hours only on September 15, 1992 at 7:30 pm. No refunds and its non-transferable - talk about limitations!

From January 24, 1992 here’s the cover to the Disneyland Line featuring Fantasmic. I bet the concept art looked better in color, same with the new signage.

Nice two page article on Fantasmic, they didn’t quite make that April deadline; the official open date was May 13th.

The new ETR is here! That’s right, Disneyland is implementing a the Employee Time Recording system. Revolutionizing the payroll process by eliminating old-fashioned paper timecards. Um, I worked for a manufacturing company in 1982 and we already had these in use. Is it just me or are those “ETR Clocking Procedures” way over done? How about; Press “In”, Swipe your card, it’ll beep – Press “Out”, Swipe your card, it’ll beep.