Monday, September 6, 2010

Disneyland's Summer of 100 Million Smiles & Dixieland and all that Jazz - September 6-11, 1971

It’s Disneyland’s Summer of 100 Million Smiles! From September 1971 this parking lot flyer is all smiles!

Disneyland’s 12th annual Dixieland now includes “all that Jazz” and covers six nights instead of just one night as did previous Dixieland’s. Fireworks on the River???

Buy the Deluxe 15 book, it’s your best value and you might have tickets left over to sell to some weird ticket collector 40 years later.

Don’t forget where you parked!

What do you suppose was purchased at the “One-of-a -kind Shop” for $3.95 on September 7, 1971?

And since were focused on Dixieland and all the Jazz, here’s a rebroadcast of my post from September 2008 (link) that features a super press kit on the event.


News from Disneyland! It’s time for Dixieland and All that Jazz! This press release from September 1971 details the 12th annual “Dixieland and All that Jazz” and its six night celebration.

Here is the press guest sticker, it was never used and still looks like it has plenty of that industrial sticky stuff under the peel-away parts on the back.

The description sheet for the press photo of the Mark Twain in full “Dixieland and All that Jazz” get up.

What the heck is strapped to the front of the Mark Twain, bails of hay? And look just to the right of the hay stacks, is that a person wearing a hood or is their back to us? Weird…

Summary of the press event for September 6th, 1971.

Four pages of details, Dizzy Gillespie, Steve Wonder and tons more, wow, what a stellar event!

If you’re still yearning for 1971, check out a couple of my prior posts.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Good grief, you posted a lot of stuff today! Jason's gonna love those pages of details from September 6, 1971.

Stevie Wonder, wasn't he at the top of his genius around '71? That would have been amazing. And Dizzy, and even Bob Crosby (Bing's brother) would have been pretty cool to see.

And yes, fireworks on the river... you can see them in your Mark Twain photo!!

Anonymous said...

The hay stacks on the front of the Mark Twain might be covered speakers, although I don't see any mics. The man with his back to the camera in front is the piano player for the Firehouse Jazz Band, with his white fire helmet.


JG said...

I remember that Vacationland cover shot.