Monday, September 8, 2008

News From Disneyland - 1971

News from Disneyland! It’s time for Dixieland and All that Jazz! This press release from September 1971 details the 12th annual “Dixieland and All that Jazz” and its six night celebration.

Here is the press guest sticker, it was never used and still looks like it has plenty of that industrial sticky stuff under the peel-away parts on the back.

The description sheet for the press photo of the Mark Twain in full “Dixieland and All that Jazz” get up.

What the heck is strapped to the front of the Mark Twain, bails of hay? And look just to the right of the hay stacks, is that a person wearing a hood or is their back to us? Weird…

Summary of the press event for September 6th, 1971.

Four pages of details, Dizzy Gillespie, Steve Wonder and tons more, wow, what a stellar event!

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Major Pepperidge said...

Neat stuff, and having the unused sticker is cool.

I realize that having all those jazz greats was an awesome thing, but can you imagine seeing somebody like Stevie Wonder at Disneyland? Amazing!

The Viewliner Limited said...

Again you come through with the absolute coolest stuff. I remember seeing many of the performers on the list. It was a truly great time in Disneyland music history.

Anonymous said...

I think the boxes at the front of the Twain are speakers and the hooded figure is actually a guy’s head in his own shadow cast on the drum stage. Neat pic!

Unknown said...

My sister, myself and friends were there on September 6, 1971, I was just entering high school. To our amazement and awe we watched as the Tomorrowland Terrace rose out of the ground and Stevie Wonder performed. He played all of his hits to date including "If You Really Love Me" which was a new hit played on the radio during that time. I often think of that concert and still can't believe we saw Stevie Wonder at Disneyland for the price of a regular ticket, it was a surreal experience!

Anonymous said...

I was also able to witness with complete amazement the same performance at Tomorrowland Terrace that you described. The live performance of "Little Stevie Wonder." This was a complete surprise to me and my group as the stage began to rise out of the ground with Stevie Wonder and his super talented musicians.They began their set and we were blown away! We were in high school also and I can't tell you how incredible his sound was! He was no longer "little " any more, Stevie was a giant!