Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Disneyland Guide - Spring 1982

Does anyone want to visit Disneyland in 1982?  I sure do, so come along and lets check out this June 1982 Guide that's all about "The Happiest Place on Earth".

Ticket book sales stopped sometime during March 1982, leaving just two ways to enjoy Disneyland.

One of the best dollars you'd ever spend!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Kodak Movie News - Summer 1961

Welcome to Magazine Monday.  Today's Disneyland related magazine has no Disneyland article!  Oh well, at least this Summer 1961 issue of Kodak Movie News has one heck of a cover photo!

In fact, its not a magazine, it really more of a leaflet..  Very cool illustrations on the left page.

Welcome to the entrance of "blank" park..

Awesome German Shepard shot, hey, its "Lady"!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Greatest Value of them All - 1st Annual Pass - 1984

I've often been asked "when did annual passes" first become available.  Well according to this 1984 brochure, 1984 was the "first time ever" an annual passport was available.  

The first year of the annual passport it was available ONLY to Magic Kingdom Club members, the following year it would be available to "normal" guests for a higher price.

$65 seems really cheap even in 1984 dollars.  Its was about $14 for a one day passport, so this new annual pass would pay for its self after just a few visits (whoa, I should like a Disney shill!)...  It would increase to $75 in 1985 ($85 for non club members).

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Disneyland - May 1962

Time to pretend I know how to scan vintage slides!  This is an unusual set of slides that features no attractions, its just a few street scenes and a few poses.  These slides are date stamped May 1962, this first image seems like it might be more from late winter or early spring.  Whats with the two-person bicycles on the far right, Dapper Dan's?

Back when the guests actually used the sidewalk!

Hey, get out of the street before the Trolley comes by!  The lady on the far right looks kinda like my mom circa 1962! (link)

Obligatory Flower Market shot! Should anyone care; notice the bathrooms have been reversed, the men's is on the left today - I wonder why they swapped them?

Hey, I've sat on the very same bench in 1970 (link).  Check out the cool stuff in the window!!

What an awesome pose!  "OK, just a couple more steps back and it will be a perfect shot":...

That's either her dad or one lucky older dude!   Man look at the center hub, that's looks SO much better than the "Partner's Statue" doesn't it?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Modern Screen - August 1967

Welcome to Magazine Monday.  Today's we've got an issue of "Modern Screen" from August 1967.  Be sure and check out my previous "Modern Screen August 1955" post back from 2008 here (link).  

As usual, let me know if there is an article you'd like to read and I'll post it on the weekend.

Twiggy - Mod about Disneyland!  See all the press photo's over at Davelands Website (link).

Here's a trio of lovely ladies...

Yikes - Judy's photo here is about as flattering at this article, ouch!

Beam me up Scotty!

The Vintage advertisements are aimed directly at the ladies.

I must have missed this block-buster...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Disneyland Ticket Exchange Policy Part 4 - Guided Tours & A thru E Tickets

Let's continue our weekly in depth look at Disneyland's ticket exchange policy of the early 1980's. 

Individual or "loose" tickets were assigned points, you could add these points up and get a discount on the new Passports or if you have enough points you could exchange them directly for a Passport.  Cash was never given in exchange for the tickets - even the old 1950's tickets have "not subject to refund" on the back.

A detached Guided Tour ticket was worth 40 points.

The attraction tickets that were originally attached to the Guided Tour tickets were worth 5 points each.

The math gets a bit fuzzy for the in park ticket books with 38 points assigned to all complete books that sold for $3.75 or less.

Next up the A thru E tickets.  This first set is for Central Booth Tickets (CBT). Since these tickets were sold individually in the park at full price they get higher exchange values.

According to this sheet from the ticker binder book, the A thru E tickets from ticket books were valued lower and with a somewhat easier value system.  Part M.1.3.4 is really getting fuzz, pay attention, they'll be a test at the end of this series...

Here are some assorted individual tickets and the point values.  Why does the vintage train ticket only get 8 points?

Magi-pak and Magic Key tickets (or coupons) were all good for 5 points each. Did they post this information for guests or was it a surprise when you got there?

I have a few of these!

And these...

And these...

How can I tell if the 2nd half of a Monorail Ticket is missing? - This might help.

If you missed the first three parts of this series you can see them here:

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