Friday, March 2, 2012

Disneyland Ticket Exchange Policy Part 2 - Complete Book Exchanging Part 1

Before we take a closer look at Disneyland's early 1980's ticket exchange policy, let's review the current policy.  Although the current policy is not publicized, today you can still exchange old tickets for entry to the park. I don't think the "point" system still exists (it might?) but I do know first hand that you can exchange complete books for a current park ticket, see my post here (link) as proof. 

This sheet from the magical "ticket binder"  begins to explain how the exchange program worked for Complete Ticket Books.  Ironically these are the simpler exchanges, its gets much more completed as you will see in later posts of this series, by the way - I've got a lot of these, this is just the beginning.  

Come back soon for part 3; More complete books!  And since I've had two kind readers ask for Bonus Sunday it will return this weekend!


Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, all those complete books!!!

hellokitt9 said...

Disney world did the same thing back in the 80's except you could also get cash instead of tickets if you wanted. I remember my mother and grandmother going out to Disney with like shoe boxes full of old tickets(mostly A and B tickets) to trade in. I don't remember how much cash they got for all them but I know it was a lot.