Friday, October 9, 2009

Disneyland Today October 8 thru 12, 1990

This Disneyland Today parking lot flyer covers the week of October 8 thru 12, 1990. There's one of the giant balloon figures from the Party Gras Parade.

Those character balloons were 4 stories tall!

$66.50 for three days is less than the current price for one day, although it's close to the $99 dollar three day offer Disneyland had this summer. Did you know Disney Dollars are Fun Money?

Notice that nothing starts past 5:15pm, the park closed at 6pm Tuesday thru Friday. There must have been some private parties.

Don't forget where you parked, for goodness sake don't leave your dog in the car, don't even try to bring food into the park, shirt and shoes are required silly, oh and how about buying some of those "fun" Disney Dollars?

Come back tomorrow for a mega trip report including "Where's the Moat?" & "What's in the Vault" (no, not the art work!). And don't forget that great Spring 1979 Vacationland will be featured on Bonus Sunday.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, I would have been terribly disappointed if this was my once-a-year (or less) trip to Disneyland, only to find out that the park was closing at 6! I think I'll rent out the park for my own private party.