Friday, October 30, 2009

Magic Nite at Disneyland - October 26, 1979

It’s Magic Nite at Disneyland, October 26, 1979, 8PM – 1AM.

Only Disneyland could create an illusion like this”. That reminds me of my favorite Disneyland phrase “It could only happen at Disneyland”. I like magic, but I suppose I’m not much of a fan since I don’t recognize any of these names?

Simple yet elegant map.

A quick stop in the park yesterday revealed the Magic Shop has re-opened with a Houdini theme and it’s really amazing! Come back Sunday for a full report, but for now check this out. There’s tons of cool stuff in the Magic Shop windows and this was no exception. The sign above it said to stare at this spinning disk for 30 seconds, then stare at the back of your hand – it’s a rather alarming illusion. I have no idea if it will work here on the blog, if not, why not just head down to the park and see it for yourself.

From the Winter of 1979 here the cover of the Disney News, which is the official magazine for Magic Kingdom Members. These are fun, but more like a poor mans Vacationland!

Champion Percherons”. Magnificent indeed, I bet these would have been something else to see in person. See the entire issue on Bonus Sunday!

See you tomorrow for a special Halloween edition of Magazine Monday on Saturday.


Major Pepperidge said...

Magic Night? "Harry Potter" critics have taught me that magic is satanic! My suspicions about Disneyland are finally confirmed!

I've seen that "spinning disk" effect before (at the Imaginarium in San Francisco), it's pretty cool!

TokyoMagic! said...

Hey, that effect did work. Weird. I've never seen that before. I wonder if it's even a stronger effect in person. I'm glad that shop is staying a magic shop!