Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Bats Day" at Disneyland

Happy Halloween everyone! What better way to commemorate Halloween than a special magazine visit to “Bats Day” at Disneyland. I few years back I accidentally (really, it was an accident) went to the park on “Bats Day”, after the initial shock it ended up being really fun. “Raver Day” (again by accident) on the other hand, was not so fun and actually was more frightening than “Bats Day”.

Here’s Gothic Beauty Magazine, issue 28 from 2009. Something about Goths in a glossy magazine doesn’t seem right. For the record, these are “excerpts for review purposes”.

The “Bats Day” article chronicles the gothic gathering from the perspective of Kynt and Vyxsin. As you can see, Kynt & Vyxsin autographed the article just for me! In fact, Vyxsin also sent me this 8 by 10 glossy (Adults onlylink)…

Vyxsin has the best line in the article “Looking around and seeing so many creative, beautiful and unique people gathered together, set against such an epic and familiar backdrop was incredible!”. Wow, She’s Hot and Smart!

Candy Violet” & “Princess Lolita” - Oh my.

Contrary to popular belief, Goths can go out in the day light, they just need an umbrella.

How about a couple of full page advertisements? These dolls look like friends of Chucky! I'll take one of each.

Demonia looks like they make the same clothes I wear all the time. OK, not really, but I better purchase some if I want to impress Vyxsin.

And since I’m trying to impress Vyxsin, here’s a place we can meet…

Come back tomorrow for the Disney News from the Winter of 1979 and an inside look and the re-done Magic Shop on Main Street.


Katella Gate said...

Who knew the nearly dead could look so sexy? Abby Sciuto, where are you?

Major Pepperidge said...

Whoo-hoo! I love the goth girls. But Tim, I was disappointed that your "adult" photo wasn't more depraved. 'Cause that's how I roll!

AmyR said...

What a cool article!

I've only been to Bat's Day once, and it was a blast. I meant to go a second time, but instead of the Sunday I went with a group of friends on the Saturday of the weekend. Oops! We got a looot of funny looks.

Anonymous said...

whoa, mighty hot stuff...glad you hid that one with another link, this is a family show here...

lucky guy.

batsday said...

Just came across your blog about my event. Thanks for talking about it. If you see me at the park be sure to come up and say hi.

Stay Spooky
Noah K

BTW I have been planing the 2010 event and we have our discounts up for hotel and flights on the website.

betty said...

Candy Violet” & “Princess Lolita: Isn't that Eddie Izzard and his PR ladie Karon dressed goth?