Friday, April 22, 2011

Guide to the Disneyland Anaheim Area - 1960

Today’s post is a fun Vacationland Guide to the Disneyland Anaheim Area. This guide came with a Disneyland park guide from 1960 that is exactly like this one (link) and the art work in similar as well. For the numerous blog readers (2) who asked “what happened to Bonus Sunday” the answer is a case of “the dog ate my homework” or in this case my dogs ate my Internet connection (link) – Bonus Sunday will return this Sunday.

It’s pretty neat that Disneyland made this guide for guests of other hotels, its good marketing and public relations for certain. Artwork pulled directly from the 1960 Park Guide.

Fantasy in the Sky, Date Nite, three ticket plans and 43 attractions, wow!

Let’s all go shopping at Magnin’s at the Fashion Square in Santa Ana.

Automobile service, you’re so SOL with your Lexus! However there are three choices of Railroads in Anaheim.

Disneyland is the center of everything – as it should be.

Your motel can arrange an experienced reputable sitter – try that in 2011.

Anaheim was (is?) not lacking for churches.

Nice plug for Knott’s Berry Farm.

I’m really starting to like those green lines at the bottom of the pages.

Just because this post needs some color (and I really like this) here’s a page from the 1960 Walt Disney’s Guide to Disneyland


Connie Moreno said...

That was neat. How funny that several of us bloggers were on a 60's vibe today!

Major Pepperidge said...

Never seen that brochure before, very neat.

I've always been fascinated with that illustration for "Adventures in Science", I wonder what the concept was for that?

Katella Gate said...

Gadz! 6 masses on Sunday at the Catholic churches! Mine has one... and this was the Latin mass, and I think at the time a priest could only say mass once a day, so that's a LOT of priests in these parishes..