Thursday, April 14, 2011

The ones that got away - eBay Dreams...

Today’s post features Vintage Disneyland Tickets that I’ll never actually hold. These are from eBay auctions about a year ago. These auctions got so expensive I stopped looking and never did find out the final astronomic bids. If you missed a few of my other “eBay-got-away” posts you can check them out here; "Holy Grail of Disneyland Ticket Books" (link), 1955 Disneyland General Admission Ticket (link) and Ticket to RIDE – 1955 (link).

This group of tickets books was all in one auction, the first day it was already over $1,000 and with good reason. Nine books with the “Ride” tickets, the one with ABC tickets alone is probably worth $1,000 (see Holy Grail link above).

The book on the upper left is pretty rare, even more than the other nine. I’m fairly certain it predates the lettered tickets which were introduced in Mid-October 1955.

Someone must have liked the “B” attractions, usually these just have an “A” ticket remaining or maybe an A and B. Nice bonus with the Dumbo stub-style tickets!

These Stub-style tickets were from a different auction and also went out for a stupid amount of money. Why would anyone even have these? Unlike lettered tickets, these were purchased at the ticket booth then used (usually) about 30 seconds later to get through the main gate where they tore them in half.


Major Pepperidge said...

I sure would love to have a complete unused book from when it said "RIDE" instead of "COUPON"!

I believe that entire rolls of the stub tickets were discovered years ago.

Matt said...

Ah the one that got away...if I had a nickel for every one that got away...well, they'd never get away again :)


Don't feel alone Tim.........I too have a "got away" file of wants that went to other people. But I know I would have enjoyed them MORE!!!

Anonymous said...

These tickets are admissions to the park! They are not ride tickets. That is why they were saved. It could have been extras from a group purchase like a camp outing.

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