Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dixieland At Disneyland Ticket Brochure - 1961

Taking a look at an old gate flyer, this “Two Wonderful Ways to Enjoy Disneyland" flyer is from the Summer of 1961.

This flyer was promoting the second annual Dixieland at Disneyland! Matterhorn over at Stuff from the Park has a ton of these type of flyers, he’s got the one printed just before this one (link) which is odd since it’s promoting the same thing just with different artwork. If Matterhorn already posted this one I couldn’t find it so this is either new to blogosphere or I just didn’t see over there… Also see Matterhorn’s Dixieland 1961 program here (link).

There were ticket purchasing decisions to make in 1961 just like in 2011. The only difference now is that you have to decide to cash in your 401k or your kids college fund to buy a round of tickets for the entire family.


Jason Schultz said...

I am totally going to ask for one of those plans the next time I'm at the Disneyland Ticket Booth. "So, I understand that for $4.25 I can get a Guided Tour that includes admission to Disneyland?"

Matt said...

I love these ticket brochures. For LOTS more info on Dixieland at Disneyland you should check out the series of posts that Paul Anderson made over at his blog, the Disney History Institute.

Major Pepperidge said...

Very nice with the Satchmo artwork!

C.K. Dexter Haven said...

I'm off to WDW this very day! Weather's supposed to be hot and sunny. I'll be thinking of the regulars here...while I'm there. ;)

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