Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Survey Says.....

No vintage post today, I ran out of time and I’m at the park today!!!!

Have you seen the "survey" cast members at Disneyland, the ones with the electronic clipboards that hang around the Main Gate? I usually try and avoid these survey folks as if they had the swing flu. I’ve done the surveys in the past and they can be time consuming and kind of boring. We’ll, they moved the survey folks down into Main Street too (they were working both sides of the street!) and they nabbed me!

Fortunately, they just take your email address and zip code. I gave them my work email thinking it would never make it thru the spam filter, but sure enough, it blazed right thru the spam filter and I got the email you see below.

If you have absolutely nothing to do today, follow this link to my Trip Report blog and see the entire (65 screen) survey!

Disneyland Report Survey - Link

If you followed the link and actually read the entire survey, we both need to get a life!!!

1 comment:

Katella Gate said...

Yes, I read every page. I answered every question. And I noticed you deleted the part that asks how much money you make.

Still, Canoga Park is a nice part of town.

All that being said, Disney MUST stop overusing the word "magic" in this half-assed "power of suggestive sales" way. It just reminds me of what a tool this survey is.