Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bonus Sunday

Welcome to Bonus Sunday. From Tuesday’s 1968 “Kaiser Family Fun Night” post, here is the Fall 1968 issue of Vacationland.

This issue is short at just 20 pages, but its full of great articles about; The PeopleMover, The Disneyland Roundhouse, Tours Guides, The Mark Twain, Adventure Thru Inner Space, Knott’s Berry Farm (An actual article, plus the usual Knott’s Ad on the back cover), The Kids of the Kingdom, “Matterhorn, Landmark of Disneyland”, Disneyland Dining! That’s a lot for 20 pages!

Vacationland Fall 1968 – 100mb

The Centerfold.

Dolly Madison had this great advertisement. They are still around, but are now part of the Interstate Bakeries Corporation, which also owns Hostess and everything else that's baked.