Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bonus Sunday

Welcome to Bonus Sunday. From Wednesday's post, here is the entire issue of CastleView Magazine.

CastleView Magazine - December 1981 (98mb)

So that's what Spaceship Earth looked like when they built it. I really enjoyed this attraction at EPCOT, although the end part (the way down) was weird.

More construction photos of Tokyo Disneyland.

Fun little ticket booths. How come the Matterhorn ticket booth never gets included in the "did you know these used to be ticket booth" articles? It's still there too...


Jason Schultz said...

I'd forgotten how good the Fantasyland article was--very comprehensive and mentions details not found elsewhere!

Unknown said...

I think the captions on those Epcot construction pictures are backwards. The one on the lower left is World of Motion and the one on the lower right is Spaceship Earth, but the captions are reversed. Interesting blooper for Disney.