Friday, December 18, 2009

Abe's Back!

I’m pleased to announce that Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln has re-opened as of this morning. A full review and mini trip report will follow tomorrow, but let me say – WOW! The show is amazing; Mr. Lincoln is the most realistic Audio- Animatronic I’ve ever seen. While sitting in the front row (on my third show in a row) Old Honest Abe looked right at me with those gray eyes, stunning in his realism.

And as an added bonus, hearing Paul Frees’ voice narration booming over the state of the art sound system in the Opera House was pure bliss (Ah that voice: And still I continue to shrink, is it possible that I can enter the atom itself?). Paul Frees also does the pre-show announcement, here’s a clip.


Vaughn said...

This was one of my fathers favorites, it was always, first thing, ride the train, then Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. I have continued the tradition with my own family and was disappointed when they changed it. I am glad it is back. And the Opera House facade never looked better!

I do hope they left out that later addition of the headphones and that barber blowing in your ear! That was just plain awkward!

Jason Schultz said...

I'll have a post on this tomorrow, too! I'm very happy with the "new" show.

Katella Gate said...

Is there anybody that just plain talks better than Paul F?

Major Pepperidge said...

What the heck, how did I miss this post yesterday? Who is to blame? I'm writing to my congressman.