Monday, March 1, 2010

The Disney World - July 1967

Welcome to Magazine Monday. Since the Disneyland magazine stack is getting pretty low I thought we’d take a look at something a little more interesting today. From July 1967 it’s “The Disney World”. There was quite a bit of Walt’s energy still flowing though his company at this point. Walt’s most recent ideas were all still being worked on, keeping everyone very busy. There are so many references to Walt that you can almost feel a sense of “What's Next” from the editors.

The front and back covers make for one great photo of the Burbank Studio.

The preface explains Walt’s Living Legacy. I need to get that June 1967 Readers Digest!

That is one cool flow chart. There will be a quiz later.

Roy’s message “We will try and have one Mary Poppins a year, at least”. No pressure there!

Fascinating stuff about the start of the Florida project.

WED was on its game in 1967! Wow, those Goodyear Display’s take me to my happy place.

Great stuff about Audio-Animatronics.

WED’s Glendra von Kessel is working on the painted glass that can still be found in New Orleans Square (link).

Disneyland has made $3.40 per second! Awesome parking lot shot!

All kinds of amazing stuff in the New Tomorrowland 67! Bell previews a Picture Phone link with EXPO 67, wow I bet someday everyone will be using Picture Phones.

More than you ever wanted to know about the Disneyland University.

Neat story about how the Disneyland Lessees joined together to place nine advertisements in the June 1967 issue of Look Magazine which you can see here (link). This fact according to the article: Monsanto's Home of the Future boasts "15,000,000 visitors later this home still has a future" yeah, about a month...

More than just a VIP lounge, Club 33 opens at Disneyland. Since I’ve never been to Club 33 (hint, hint to anyone who will take me!) do they really have audio-animatronics consisting of an owl, a raccoon, two magpies and a leering vulture? And the owl holds conversations with guests?

I miss Circle-Vision, I don’t miss getting dizzy, but I finally had figured out by just staying put and not constantly turning around you can lessen the effects of motion sickness..

Mineral King was still alive and kicking in 1967. I can only assume that the approval for the four-lane highway never came thru.

I was going to post this entire issue of The Disney World on this upcoming Sunday, but since I had no post yesterday, here’s the entire issue.

The Disney World July 1967 – 102mb

And for some color, the back cover.


Major Pepperidge said...

Great post! Too much good stuff to even mention. Even that back cover has two pictures with Claude Coates (and hey, there's Marc Davis!).

Mineral King, I wonder if Walt had lived if he would have been able to use his powers of persuasion to get it built?

Neat to see the legendary Tee Hee working on the Goodyear displays.

TokyoMagic! said...

LOVE seeing that animated Goodyear takes me to a happy place as well. :-)

I happen to be going to Club 33 this Friday. I'm going as someone else's guest, otherwise I'd definitely be bringing you along! I've never been before, but I will let you know about the animals. I did find a photo online of a vulture perched on a branch, but I don't know if it is something that is currently there or not.

Chris Merritt said...

Holy guacamole! The original "pancake house" entrance to WED? A photo of T. Hee art directing those awesome "Go-go Goodyear" animated signs? Glendra von Kessel in action? Kevin Kidney is gonna plotz.

Kevin Kidney said...

Whoa! I just plotzed! Thanks to Chris for shaking me out of my work-induced stupor to stop for a moment and check out this post. There's so much treasure here, some real obvious and some 'hidden' - For example, on the back cover you can see some teensy images on a conference room wall of the "Islands of the Enchanted Tiki" show that had been considered for the 1964 NY World's Fair! And Glendra von Kessel at work. Fantastic find! Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

オテモヤン said...


Chris Merritt said...

Hey Tim -

Can you drop me an email? I have an update about the Knott's event...

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