Monday, March 15, 2010

Burbank Nite at Disneyland - March 15, 1975

Happy Ides of March to all you Soothsayers out there, to everyone else; “Beware”.

From March 15, 1975 it’s the 9th Annual Burbank Nite at Disneyland! Sponsored by “The Exchange Club of Burbank” this event was for the wonderful folks of “Beautiful Downtown Burbank”. I like how the font is bubbling with excitement!

From the Spring of 1975 here’s an awesome cover of Vacationland Magazine.

The Vacationland magazine’s really started to get excellent around this time and this issue is no exception. Who else misses the Swiss Family? Even though I don’t like the idea of a Swiss Family Robinson remake, I was sort of hoping for one this year (50th anniversary of the original) because I thought just maybe that would make Disney put back the original tree house, oh well, maybe 2020?

The Royal Street Bachelor’s rock!

Nice article on Disneyland’s Horsepower. Come back on bonus Sunday for the rest of the article and the entire issue.


Major Pepperidge said...

I do miss the original Swiss Family Treehouse; wasn't the rationalization behind the change to "Tarzan" the fact that kids didn't know about the 1960 film?

Walt built some of the very best attractions without a movie tie-in, and they were (and still are) hugely popular.

TokyoMagic! said...

At least Orlando, Tokyo and Paris still have their original Swiss Family Treehouses. I do wish they would restore Anaheim's treehouse back to it's original glory....and then invite Haley Mills back for the grand re-opening!


Walt Disney World DID want the Tarzan Tree House, however Disneyland's was being designed and Florida had just finished a complete renovation the included a structure retrofit and all new leaves. Had the retrofit hadn't already happend, Florida would have been the second Tarzan Treehouse......not Hong Kong. I am a model maker --mostly architectural and did a 1/8th scale model of the Disneyland Tree House....I studied that structure so much for the model....and looking over the blueprints....that thing was AMAZING! The most ingenious feature, was the opertating waterwheel bring water to the upper rooms of that "house"....that alone was a reason to keep the Swiss Family Tree House. You can see the model in earlier posts at Mike Cozart Design & Model blog.