Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Olympic Team Salute and the State Fair ’88

From August 29 thru September 2, 1988 there sure was a lot going on at Disneyland with its Olympic Team Salute and the State Fair ’88 promotions. For more Olympic fun, check out my older post on the 1984 Olympics and Disneyland (link).

Even the diagram of the parking lot can evoke fond memories. They’re pushing those Disney Dollars “you may want to take them home as a special souvenir of your visit” – I’d love to see the accounting on exactly how many “special souvenir” dollars never get cashed… Queen Mary and Spruce Goose sighting.

An Olympic Village was setup at Videopolis so you can tell the Olympic athletes to “go for it” (how 80's can you get?). Every guest gets a free Team Pin, whoopee!

Plenty of Live Entertainment was on tap for the events. Two different parades each day? “Pigmania” pig races at Big Thunder Ranch! Even Circle-Vision was showing two different movies each day. And who can forget a couple of Ferris Wheels in Disneyland, one at the Hub!

Nice promotion for The Main Street Electrical Parade, be sure and see it before it “glows away”.

I’ve got four of these exact brochures and none of them have any autographs, darn.

What’s happening over at the Disneyland Hotel? The Dancing Waters Show starts at 9 & 10pm, I wonder if they still have… oh wait, don’t get me started.

Since I can tell you need more information about State Fair ’88 here’s a fact sheet that should answer all your burning questions.

Human Cannonball? Baby Animal Beauty Contest? Maybe this was more like the Hooterville County Fair!

Midway Games at a Disney Theme park, how lame would that be, thank goodness they’ll never try that again, right?


TokyoMagic! said...

Midway games and Ferris Wheels......hmmm, how very "carny"! All they needed was a swings type of ride and they could have had DCA thirteen years sooner.

I miss the simplicity of the Dancing Waters. I want my balloons back!!!

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