Saturday, July 16, 2011

Disneyland's 35th Anniversary

While I’m at the beach on the French Riviera for the next few days please enjoy these “rebroadcast” posts from 2008. Magazine Monday will return with a new post this Monday.


July 17, 1990. Disneyland’s 35th Anniversary. There is a bunch of stuff in this post so I’ll get right to it.

A Complementary Passport. An interesting color choice, it reeks of the early 1990’s.

35th Anniversary Dream machine unused ticket, too bad you had to be present that day to win, maybe someday I’ll reveal the prize that never was.

A variation of the 35th Anniversary Dream machine ticket, this is a winner of Disney Videos!

A special party for the Automobile Club in June, This really shows the art departments using their new computer to do the layouts. It looks like it came from Print Master Deluxe.

Here’s an interesting item that is WAY too big to scan. It’s a pop-up thing of Disneyland. I took a few photos of it, there are not great, but you get the idea.

The inside is pretty detailed in parts, but some parts are missing altogether. I dig the Rockets!

Colorful backside.

This last set of scans is from a binder that looks kind of like a press kit, but I don’t think it is. I scanned each sections divider as they have the cool graphics. Maybe in the future I’ll post the text pages.


MintCrocodile said...

I remember leaving Disneyland at the end of the night, walking back to the car and I found a 35th Anniversary ticket where the winner had won a plush toy. I thought about throwing it away, but decided to keep it.

I also remember having one of those pop-up maps. Because I was 13 year old at the time, I thought it was just a bit too big that I often had difficulties trying to find a place in my bedroom to keep it where it won't get damaged. But after some time, the corners and some of the pop-ups bent. I think that is one souvenir I don't miss having

Major Pepperidge said...

I've always liked that popup map. The only representation of Pirates of the Caribbean is Pegleg Pete in a cartoony pirate costume.

TokyoMagic! said...

This is one major birthday/anniversary year that I did not go to the park even once. I regret it, since I ended up missing the Party Gra parade. I was super busy with school and I just went to the Hotel to buy some of the 35th commemorative souvenirs including the pop-up map. How can that already be 21 years ago???

Westcot2000 said...

The Info Book was available at Company D for a while. I think it was originally made for the press, though.

No 35 Years of Magic necktie????

Unknown said...

I have an original 35 year golden ticket in mint cond. I can not find it on line,very weird but here it is,and I was there to recive it. Please comment