Monday, July 18, 2011

Portfolio Magazine - December 2007

Welcome to Magazine Monday. From the “not exactly vintage” stack today we’ve got Portfolio Magazine from December 2007.

Not in Mickey’s Backyard” is an interesting (if not sorta dry) look at Disneyland and the Suncal project back in 2007 (link). Some nice photos and a claim that Disneyland’s street address number (1313) was chosen by Walt because it represents the 13th letter in the alphabet “M” so 1313 is MM – Mickey Mouse. Anyone know if that’s true?

I've never seen that photo of Walt - He's driving a "regular" Autopia Car, neat!


Major Pepperidge said...

Are you back from the French Riviera? Did you do any trout fishing??

The article might not be old, but it's still interesting. Plus it has a monkey on the cover. Monkeys, heh heh.

JG said...

I love monkeys. Anyone know how the election turned out? Is this fight still going on?


mydisneycollection said...

From what I've heard / read, the whole 13=M is just an urban legend. 13 was Walt's favorite number. That's about as far as any comparison goes.