Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Angel Fun Pack - May 28, 1967

A simple post today, light on facts because I don't have many. This "Angel Fun Pack" contains 9 tickets good at Angel's baseball games on dates from May 7th thru August 28th, 1967. These were for Magic Kingdom Club members and were not good for admission to the game itself.

Each ticket is the same, just a different date and team that the Angels are playing. These tickets are on my favorite "Castle & Stars" paper, which is correct for 1967. I have no idea what the "Magic Kingdom Club Bonus" was or what was the purpose of these tickets? A giant foam-rubber hand? A seat cushion? A miniature bat? A Dodger-dog? (I guess not on that one!)

The cover of the "Angel Fun Pack". Its got a serial number, but the tickets don't. Globe paper trademark on the lower right and a whimsical odd looking castle on the left.

Inside of the front cover. This is the extent of the details that are printed with this book. The back of the tickets and the back of the book are blank, just like the look on my face....

For the record, The Angels won 5 to 0.

Tomorrow: Week of October 23-29 1954. Anyone want to guess?


Jason Schultz said...

Offhand, I would say the Disneyland TV show debuted on October 27, 1954! Perhaps a TV Guide?

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding..... Progressland guessed correct! "Why Disney changed his mind about TV" a TV Guide featuring the debut of the "Disneyland TV Show”. Ok, how about a bonus question? According to the TV Guide article, how much will “Disney’s Amusement Park” cost?

Major Pepperidge said...

No fair, Progressland has a freakish knowledge of all things Disneyland! The rest of us mere mortals have no chance.

Well, I might as well throw out a complete guess as to the amount the TV Guide says: 15 million?

I know, I'm wrong, but "no guts, no glory"!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I hear ya Major! I could here Progressland saying "Oh, oh, oh, pick me" with his hand in the air :-) I thought maybe I could throw him off the track by giving a range of dates, seem like it helped him! Jason, I kid, we all appreciate your vast Disneyland knowledge and well, heck, I've become dependant on it!!!

Major, your guess is high, by about the cost of Steve Austin.

Jason Schultz said...

You just really have to stay away from the date questions--I mean, I made a Disneyland Timeline when I was 13!