Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mega Holiday Weekend - Bonus Sunday

From Monday's post (link) this is the Map on the reverse side of the "Southern California Freeway System and Points of Interest" brochure from 1980.

Knott's Map High Resolution - 6mb

As promised in Tuesday's post "2 Exciting New Plans to Visit Disneyland in 1957" (link) here is the entire 1957 Disneyland Guide. Lots of great stuff in here.

Complete 1957 Disneyland Guide - 51mb

Wednesday was the 1973 Boys Life visit to Walt Disney World (link). Here is the Entire Walt Disney World Guide from 1973.

Complete Walt Disney World Guide 1973 - (22mb)

Thursdays post was a look way back to Disneyland in Life magazine August 15, 1955 (link). For my good friend Richard over at Viewliner Ltd., here is the cover featuring "The MacArthur Story". Also, here is the entire article.

Complete August 1955 "The MacArthur Story" article- 30mb

Here's an article from the May 2008 Edition of Westways, the AAA magazine. I do miss the "old" smell of the trains, but the new smell is kinda neat too, especially if you're hungry.

Today's Mega Holiday Bonus Sunday post will have to last for two days, the blog will be closed for Memorial Day, have a great holiday, see you back on Tuesday.


Major Pepperidge said...

I haven't been to the park in ages, do the trains really smell like cooking oil? I'm not sure that sounds so great!!

The Viewliner Limited said...

Tim, you are awesome man! I truly appreciate the Life magazine scan. What a great piece of history on paper. Have a great Memorial Day.