Monday, May 5, 2008

Knott's Berry Farm Ticket Sign

The last several Monday's have been dedicated to the Knott's Lettered ticket series, and while it did have to end (sob) I think we'll keep Monday's as Knott's ticket day for a while.

This great Knott's Ticket sign photo was donated to the blog by Chris Merritt. The price on the Super Bonanza Ticket Book places this around April 1979. However, as you can see, the prices were updated on this sign, therefore the sign itself is probably older. "Territory Unlimited" tickets, WOW, I've never even heard of those, I sure would like to see one, anybody?

Here are a pair of ticket books from April 1979. The prices (and the value prices) match the sign.

Front of the books, minus the gate admission ticket.

Although a couple of years older, this is what the Main Gate Admission ticket looks like.

The back of the sign has this "Special Event" sign. Chris suggested this could have been used for the Halloween Haunt and other private events. Thanks for sharing your sign with us Chris!

Here's a ticket from my last visit to Knott's. I went in July 2003. My employer gave me the tickets, which was nice and made the shock of what the place looked like not as bad. At least the Church and the lake were still there, now I am truly afraid to go and see "whats' left".

Tomorrow: What, no Fantasmic?

Today: I'm at the "Park" all day!!!!!!!!!!!!


Chris Merritt said...

Perhaps "Territory Unlimited" was some sort of a wrist band or paper badge one would show to get in without a ticket? Ken - do you recall?

outsidetheberm said...

We should have some Territory Unlimited tickets around here. Will see if they are readily available.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if the old tickets are worth anything?