Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2 Exciting New Plans to Visit Disneyland - 1957

2 Exciting New Plans to Visit Disneyland in 1957. Here’s a fun little pamphlet and I do mean little, its around 4 ¼” by 5 ¼”. A Winter Bonus Plan sounds fun since its been hot here the last few days.

First time for the special guest cards, good to note.

Yes I tried that phone number all night; it’s constantly busy. I guess lots of people are still responding to these great offers. For those younger folks, KEYSTONE would be "KE" or "53" on the Dial, so the number is 535-8171, in the 714 area code of course...

Back of a 1957 Adult Ticket book.

This 1957 book only has one “B” ticket left. I think I’ll use it at the Main Street Shooting Gallery.

Speaking of Shooting Galleries, here is a link to some GREAT photo’s from 1958. These are from “Nick Dewolf’s” collection (link). This photo is from the Frontierland shooting gallery set (link), which would open sometime in 1957. Has anyone ever seen the inside of the Main Street Shooting Gallery? Please share.....

Here are some "Special Bonus Tickets" to go with your ticket book purchase. The expiration dates are 15 days off from the pamphlet date, but close enough.

Here are the “Special Guest Cards” for the big spenders.

As I was looking for some COLOR for this post I figured, how about the cover from the official 1957A Complete Guide to Disneyland”! Check back this Bonus Sunday for the “Complete Guide” (the inside is in better shape than the cover).

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Jason Schultz said...

That's the first time I've seen "Plaza Apartments" referenced in print. It's interesting that it's used at all, since Carefree Corner had supposedly already been open a year!